Preparing for SSAT Testing

gmatThe SSAT is a large section of the admissions process to a non-public or self-governing school. Example questions from this exam can be seen on the SSAT website combine with things like test locations, charges needed and how to enroll online.

The examination is consists of two sections – a momentary dissertation and several multi-choice questions which gauge the aptitude to figure out mathematical problems, and use as well as grasp the language. This includes word with identical meaning, comparison questions, and understanding questions based on many passages.

It is best if a child is familiar with the examination format and subject matter so that they will have confidence on test day and they understand what is required. This will mean practice beforehand. You may be able to help your child with this yourself, but this must be a disciplined effort, not just glancing over while you are doing something else.

Or you may choose to call a tutor who has experience teaching this information to children such as reviewing mathematical formats, increasing vocabulary, etc at that level. There are many starting places on hand to get ready for the SSAT. Think about utilizing a experienced tutoring company or a experienced online tutoring site.

An elite private tutor choice may be costly and a recommended online company can provide the same service. The benefit of an online program is you can repeat the work as often as needed. It’s like having an in home tutor. Twenty-four hours any day of the week, your child can have a test prep tutor.

Do not pressure on your child, but they must realize that the SSAT is a timed test. They may need to understand that if there is a problem they can’t figure out it is better to skip it instead of giving a wrong answer or wasting time. They should begin SSAT practice early and often, rather than make a big effort to close to testing day.

Although the exam is only part of the admission process it is an important one as it will measure not just what your child knows, but their measures capacity to learn and will also show up any strengths and weaknesses.

Students with registered disabilities may apply for extra time to take the test. This does not apply to temporary conditions such as a sprained wrist. Accommodation can also be made for such things as needing large print. If there is a likelihood of needing such help check eligibility rules.

Author: Lisa Roberts

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