How To Keep Obesity Away From Children

Child ObesityThe number of overweight children is globally increasing at an alarming rate. Obesity is a disease that is rooting itself deeply in our cultures and this is a major problem. Kids are spending an increasing amount of time in front of the TV, on mobile phones, gaming consoles etc. compared to exercising and playing outside. Also, because of the busy schedules of working parents, it’s difficult for them to take out time to cook food for the kids, keeping all their nutritional requirements in mind. Thus, the changing trends have incorporated fat ingested foods in our routines that are tempting but unhealthy.

According to a study, for the past thirty years, the number of overweight teenagers has been tripled and also the number of overweight children has been doubled.

Obese children are at a higher risk of health problems compared to children who are fit. Obesity can lead to the following:

Bone and joint problems
Shortness of breath which further leads to problems in exercise, physical activity or sports.
A tendency to mature earlier compared to their peers
Liver and gall bladder issues

The question that pops up is what can be done to make kids relish healthy food for a better tomorrow? What are the habits that need to be inculcated to make sure the kids consume what is beneficial for the body?

1) Encourage healthy eating habits: Provide your kids with plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grain products. Include dairy products and make sure to give them two glasses of milk regularly. Adding a spoon of kids health drink to milk will make them tasty and nutritious. These healthy drinks for kids have a huge impact on the health of the children. Choose lean meat, poultry, fish, lentils and beans as the sources of protein intake and serve small portions in regular intervals for an enhanced metabolism.

2) Eliminate calorie rich temptations: Keep a check on the treats that your children are allowed to have. Foods with high calorie content like chocolates only add to the problems and are a major contributor to obesity.

3) Educate children about well-being: Communicating the problems caused by and the ill effects of obesity is essential, especially with children. Explaining the consequences at an early stage registers it in their sub conscious mind which helps them maintain a good routine along with healthy eating habits.

4) Help the kids stay active: Encourage and motivate kids to indulge into outdoor sports and activities on a regular basis. Physical activity of moderate intensity is a must for at least an hour everyday. Include activities like brisk walking, jumping rope, swimming, dancing etc, and encourage them to train for a sport in routine.

Inculcating good eating habits along with the habit of playing regularly are a few of the most important things that need to be done in the initial stages of life. This helps kids develop a routing which gives equal importance to all kinds of activities, thereby maintaining a balance. Healthy food with at least two glasses of milk everyday along with a spoonful of energy drinks for kids and physical activity can work wonders in keeping obesity at bay.

By Author: Priya Bhatt

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