How you should Prepare for National Level Entrance Exams right after Class 10

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.Those who want a successful career should have the fire inside them to get graduated from a world class institute in their domain. Be it Fashion Technology, Law or Commerce, one should have an earnest preparation to crack State or National level entrance exams of high competition in densely populated country like India. Many coaching institutes have programs to help students prepare for Engineering, Medical and Commerce entrance exams where students are admitted right from Class 6th itself.

When you are in Class 11, it’s like a two way preparation. On one hand you have to study for your board syllabus as per your school curriculum, and at the same time you have to toil several times more effort for entrance exam preparation.

There have been tendency of students to take class 11th lightly. You should never make this mistake. Class 11th is very important for achieving success in national level entrance exams like NEET, IIT-JEE and CLAT. Concentrate on each and every chapter and understand the basic concepts because in 12th class you will be applying most of the topics you studied in your 11th class.

The below mentioned are the tips and tricks which one should follow before he/ she starts preparing for competitive exams:

Collecting the complete details about the exam

Visit their official website and collect information on the syllabus, pattern and eligibility of that particular exam.

Selecting the best study material

Ask your friends, teachers and teachers for the right books and study materials which are prepared by experts. Solving problems from 4-5 books partially instead of solving 1 or 2 books completely can’t help you at any time.

Try to understand concepts

Listen carefully no matter wherever you are. It may be in the be either Classroom or a coaching institute. If you pay attention in your class, you can be assured of achieving 80% marks in the exams.

Don’t ever try to mug up for better scores

Don’t try to blindly memorise any topic or answers. Mugging up the portions is not going to help you. It may help you to score in internal or Class tests but when it comes to Public and Board exams, it’s a waste. .

Try to solve new kinds of numerical questions from anywhere

Once you complete a chapter solve as many problems as you can find from various sources at all levels. There are plenty of websites and mobile apps offering question banks, mock tests and lecture videos.

Critical Analysis of Oneself / Ways to Avoid Mistakes

Discuss with your friends and teachers about your weaker areas where you require more attention. Don’t procrastinate in getting your doubts cleared. If you do so, your doubts and inefficiency will keep on piling up. Don’t forget that doubts which are not cleared or questions left unsolved in tests/books will remain unsolved forever.

Dedicate 1 hour Daily for your entrance exam preparation

Surrendering yourself with 100% dedication and preparing with your heart and soul can only help you to crack any exam

Focus on major common topics

There are many common topics present in both 11th and 12th std portions which are asked in in the entrance exams. Some of the common topics that you will find in both PU and competitive exams are mentioned below:

Common topics of Physics:

  • Motion
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • Sound
  • Properties of Solids and Liquids (Matter – Its Nature and Behaviour)
  • Atoms and Nuclei (extension of Structure of an Atom)
  • Optics (extension from Natural Phenomena)
  • Gravitation
  • Force and Newton’s Laws
  • Electric Current , and Magnetic Effects of Current (extension from Effects of Current)

Common topics of Chemistry:

  • Matter and its nature, and States of Matter
  • Environmental Chemistry (extension of Our Environment)
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (extension of Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour)
  • Atomic Structure (extension of Structure of an Atom)

Common topics of Mathematics:

  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Quadratic equations
  • Probability

Speed and accuracy is the key:

Practice, speed and accuracy are the success mantra for any problem oriented exams. Speed and accuracy can be attained only with immense practise. All can solve problems, but the capability of solving maximum problems with accuracy differentiates him/her from the crowd.

Balancing proper time management:

On Sundays and holidays, your full day should be dedicated to entrance exam preparation. From Sep-Oct, you need to put rigorous efforts in solving practice tests.

If you put your best effort and stay away from distractionsPsychology Articles, you can do well in both entrance and Board exams.


Akshara Jai is a Content wizard who writes on behalf of which offers Pre-university classes along with coaching for entrance exams like IIT-JEE, JEE Main, CET, NEET and Commerce. With more than 19 years of experience and 47,000 success stories, it has campuses spread over several parts of Karnataka, Pune and Telangana.

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