Last Time Tips for NEET UG Exam 2018

NEET ExamThe NEET Exam is scheduled on 6th May for all the candidates. The examinees should have a look at the following tips to do well in the same.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for the admissions for undergraduate courses in the field of medical science in various colleges across India is going to be conducted on 6th May 2018. There is less time left for the exam day to come. In the last days before exams, the anxiety level of students increases. It is crucial to managing the inner self in that period.

Here are some tips that a NEET UG aspirant should follow in the last days before the exam:

1) No New Topics:

It is a high time when an applicant should stop touching any new topic to study. Touching the new topic would not help in the exams as the aspirant would not be able to revise it multiple times. In the end days, only revise the syllabus that is already completed. A multiple revision always helps to score better. More the revision is done, more the probability of increasing the score.

2) Practice and Practice:

NEET UG is a fierce competition. There are a lot of suitable candidates who will appear in the exam. To rank well among the best candidates, only revising the syllabus would not help. It is inevitable to practice a lot of questions. Practising questions will help the candidate to manage the time in solving the questions in a given time frame. Practising a lot of questions will also contribute to a candidate to get an overview of the questions type that will be coming into the exam. By doing so, the aspirant will get a right direction for revising the relevant sections in less time. Solve daily mock tests available at various online sites. Also, do not commit a mistake of ignoring previous years questions. Solve at least 5 years previous year questions.

3) Be Healthy:

Most students make a common mistake of ignoring a proper diet days before exam under pressure of the exam. It is advisable to all the aspirants to keep their mind fresh and calm and to have an appropriately nutritious diet. This will help their mind to remain active. It is also advisable to avoid eating junk food few days before the exams.

4) Sleep Well:

As less time is left to revise the whole syllabus, the students need to increase their study hours. But, it does not mean that they should compromise on the sleep. Have an adequate sleep to boost up mind. An energised mind will help to grasp the things quickly and easily.

5) Balance Strength and Weakness:

Focus on the part in which there are more chances to score well, but also don’t completely ignore the weak areas. Competitive exams are ambiguous in nature, and you can expect any surprise in the paper. Make the strategy accordingly and distribute the time accordingly.

6) Be Positive:

Under stressful conditions before NEET UG Exam, it is very natural for a student to lose confidence. But Computer Technology Articles, keep reminding yourself that you have done enough preparation and feel confident. Think in a positive way to avoid any negative thoughts.

These were some tips that can help an aspirant to get an extra edge in NEET UG Exam. Hope the given information will help a maximum number of students.

All the best. I wish you to make a successful career in top Medical College.

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