Benefits of NCERT Exemplar For Exams

NCERT ExemplarExams create a wide range of emotions in the minds of students. The ones who are eager to prove themselves go beyond NCERT Textbooks to make sure that they are able to answer objective-type questions with a high level of perfection. Reference books, therefore, form an integral part of their bookshelf.

Keeping up with the demand for reference books for NCERT, a number of publishing houses have come up with chapter-wise NCERT Exemplar Solutions. Oswaalbooks Exemplar is one of them. Oswaalbooks offer Chapter Wise NCERT exemplar problems Solutions for Class 6 to Class 12 to help students score high in their CBSE exams. Some of the distinctive features of this series are mentioned below for your reference:-

The series has been created according to the latest NCERT Syllabus

The NCERT Exemplar books have been developed after a considerable level of research by subject matter experts keeping in touch with the newest changes in the CBSE syllabus. NCERT Exemplars are basically practice books that cover extra questions of a higher level for understanding the concepts of in-depth learning, which cover CBSE board exams and competitive exams.

NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions & CBSE Sample Question Papers help students to clarify all doubts about different concepts and theories related to different subjects.

The Exemplar solutions which have been launched in the market in recent times have been compiled, edited, and proofread by expert teachers or professionals who themselves have knowledge in the specialized subject. So, the content developed is of far superior quality as compared to what NCERT has been producing for quite some time.

All books which are created undergo a number of quality checks to make sure that they live up to the expected standards. Therefore, when it comes to content quality, Exemplar is on par with any reference book series which has been launched in the market in recent times.

The NCERT Exemplar solutions cover all subjects, both at the secondary and higher secondary level. Therefore, students can study all the subjects of one series in order to answer all those questions which haven’t been covered by their textbooks. Their grades will, therefore, show considerable improvement over a short period of time.

Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Maths involve a lot of analysis and reasoning. The students who utilize NCERT solutions will also improve their problem-solving skills within a considerably short period of time.

The authors who have created the content have made use of shortcuts to solve many complicated questions. Therefore, students will learn the art of time management in a perfect manner.

Price has been kept within a reasonable range

The price of books is a major factor that students as well as their guardians always focus on while buying books. Keeping in touch with the spending capacity of buyers, publishing houses have kept the price of these books within a reasonable range. Therefore students can buy these books without having to go beyond their budget. They will therefore be able to save a substantial amount of the hard-earned money of their money.

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