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Top 5 Ways Online Learning Can easily Enhance Your Organization

1. Consistent Knowledge Base 


Make certain all your employees are on equal footing so that you can make assumptions of common knowledge. It is easier to assign work and manage projects when you know that everybody is aware of how to use your business software.


2. Hire Remote Workers With Confidence 


One of the biggest difficulties with hiring distant staff is integration. It can be quite challenging to integrate remote workers with the rest of your team. Quite often workers are so distant that flying them to a central orientation or training just isn’t affordable. With online learning staff integration is easy because training and instruction is all done online. Distant personnel can learn online about everything from remote document storage to standard project workflows.


3. Save Money On New Hire Costs 


It is expensive to hire employees. Often more than 50% of that employees annual salary. Typically this cost is due to the fact that your best veteran team members have to spend a lot of time mentoring and training instead of working. Moving all of your training and learning online solves a lot of this because online training can be done by anyone anywhere.


4. Stop Paying For One-Time Seminars 


Is there a veteran salesperson that you would love to come talk to your employees? Wouldn’t it be great if celebrity board members could come talk with your team?


If all of your training and education is online it is easy to record quick training sessions and distribute them to your entire organization and new hires. You can also utilize pre-created online learning material with just a click of a mouse.


5. Increase Cross-Selling Opportunities 


Numerous big business sales teams have hundreds of products that they are able to sell to any one client. Unfortunately, many sales reps get into a groove and understand a handful of products well and stick to those exclusively. This quite often means that the salesperson is missing out on numerous cross-selling possibilities which can create real value for your company. With online learning you can easily create on-demand courses to train sales reps quickly on other services so that they do not have to teach on their own.


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About The Author

Nick Narodny is Cofounder and Chief Content Officer at Grovo. Like Jeff, Nick comes to Grovo from Clickable Inc. where he was a Team Lead on the Sales Team. While at Clickable, Nick helped grow the team from five to eighteen salespeople and served as the Marketing liaison providing direct customer feedback on marketing initiatives. Nick Left Clickable to launch Grovo in June 2010. 

Before Clickable, Nick worked as an Aerospace M&A Investment banker at Jefferies Quarterdeck. During his tenure, Nick worked with some of the largest aerospace and defense companies in the country and closed a multitude of sell side transactions. Nick graduated cum laude from Boston College in 2006 with a degree in Business Management. Nick lives in New York City in the East Village 

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