How To Get Motivated To Study

Study1. Clean your study space

This is one of the most effective ways to motivate yourself to study. If you don’t have a clean work/ study space, your books are all messed up and you’re not able to find a single pencil, then how do you expect yourself to concentrate and study properly? You’ll waste all your time trying to clean all the mess up while trying to study. So, it’s better to organize the space where you study, pile all your books in one place.

2. Group studies

Group studies are more affective than studying alone. When you have your friends with you, you feel like you can do anything, achieve anything, etc. Not only do good friends encourage you but you even have fun studying together. You learn better together, you can quiz each other and also have small tests.

3. Set up a schedule

If you’re thinking about diving right into your maths syllabus or those agonizing history dates, then think again. You’re not going to achieve anything unless and until you organize your study time properly. Set up a schedule. Study a different subject each day and finish it in that day only. In this way, you’ll have everything prepared and you can tick off all the things you cover everyday. Because what’s more satisfying than ticking off that difficult sub or topic you just completed?

4. Notes/ Flashcards

Do NOT underestimate the power of notes and flashcards! There’s nothing these babies can’t help you accomplish. Making small, cute notes will not only motivate you to study but will also make you want to learn what’s written on them. That’s the magic of flashcards. They’re also pretty portable and you can use them as last minute revision as well. If you prefer sticky notes, then definitely go for those. You can write small and helpful tips on sticky notes and stick them wherever you’re most likely to see. Sticky notes are also pretty helpful if you’re learning history dates or maths formulae.

5. Reward yourself

You can’t expect yourself to study three hours without taking a break. Your brain can’t handle all that information if you don’t take a break or take a breather. If you can’t study consecutively for a few hours then you can reward yourself by food. For every question or topic that you learn, give yourself something you love to eat.

6. Unplug

This is the most difficult thing to do, I know. But if you didn’t switch off your mobile phone, you’ll either be taking a selfie every other second or you’ll be checking your Facebook notifications. So, switch off your phone.

7. You can do it

Sometimes, only you can motivate yourself. Read inspirational quotes and keep telling yourself that you can do it. You CAN do it. If you keep your mind set on studying hard and not letting anything to distract you, then trust me, you can and you will do it. Remember, there’s life after exams too. If you work hard now, you’ll surely succeed and accomplish your goals. Think of how studying will affect your grades, how happy your parents will be with you and I’m talking about your teachers as well. Don’t lose hope and I guarantee you, you’ll make it.

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