How To Prepare For NEET – UG 2020

NEET – UG 2020NEET is national level medical entrance exam allowing student to take admission for medical courses. To clear this high level entrance you need to follow preparation strategies which help aspirants to get closer to the success.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is national level medical exam generally held in the month of May. It’s paramount to those students who want to make career in medical field in their professional life. It had been previously held under the name of All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT). The NTA (National Test Agency) was responsible to conduct the exam.

It scales and determines the eligibility of the scholars to pursue career in the medical field for qualifications like MBBS and BDS. Most of the institutes in India require NEET qualification to take admission in the medical field. Even those students aspiring for international institutes need to clear this highly competitive examination.

NEET Exam Preparation Stages:

The NEET preparation strategy can often segmented according to the time remaining into individual students hands for the exam preparation.

Meticulous methods should be used to develop confidence within the aspirants for the subjects. Extra resources like books; preparation guidelines add value to the quality preparation.

There are certain measures can be taken according to the time left for the examination.

Joining NEET Coaching for the preparation could add confidence in you to attend the exam.

6 months before the examination

Subsequent measures should be taken before six month of examination:

Classification of the syllabus into three groups:-

  1. Difficult
  2. Medium
  3. Easy

When you will group all the chapters according to its difficulty level then main area of focus can be determine easily.

  • During the studies select one topic from each group of difficulty level. Therefore, you’ll prepare one topic from easy, one from medium and one from difficult; simultaneously you will be able to grasp the entire concept without slacking.
  • Before doing revision for any section, make sure that all topics are covered. If you found any topic while searching then prepare it in first hand before revision.
  • Quickly test each module after covering all topics from that module. It may be a good way to strengthen confidence. it’ll help to prepare student with the “pen and paper” ready to answer rapidly without slacking
  • Revising and attempting last year’s question papers is another incredible method to get prepare for the examination. It keeps you up to date with newest exam pattern.
  • Evaluate critical mistakes and errors to eliminate their reoccurrence while attempting exam. It also helps to boost your confidence and guide you make minimum mistakes.
  • Consistency is the key of achieving success, it is applicable to study as well therefore be consistence in study and attend regular NEET test.

These guidelines not only will help you to prepare for NEET Exam only but also for other competitive exams.

2 months before the examination

Follow these guidelines to ensure high marks and ranking in the NEET Examination for the last 2 month of preparation,

  • By now, your knowledge about each topic should be comprehensive and complete with apt knowledge.
  • At this point your focus should be only on revising learned topics.
  • Do regular study to polish the knowledge you acquired and to enhance the focus on study.
  • Mock tests and exams will be prominent to help you in speed up your answer process. Quick thinking and precision with pen and paper will work long way to save overall time during the examination.
  • By now, you will not be viewing to prepare single topic and your eye will be on looking overall syllabus at one, therefore, allowing yourself to encompass extensive knowledge.

Overall, there are two major benefits of using these methods.

  • This will help you to enhance your ability to read the questions, analyze it, and conclude a solution of it immediately. Your mind processing power is going to be optimized.
  • You’ll be ready to manage the time and understand your key strengths and weaknesses so you can categorize you exam paper according to it and prioritize sections according to it.

Additional note for preparation

Be cautious of the new topics that come suddenly into the light. If it’s too late and exam is around the corner try to avoid it. Try to concentrate on topics that you have already aware, keep polishing them Find Article, and don’t let the new topic bring your morale down.

It is of utmost importance to make sure that the candidate’s health is maintained well during NEET preparation. Proper sleep and a diet should give a prime importance during this point. Keep small breaks between study sessions this will help to clear any clutter in mind.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nikita Reddy has been writing for gate iit since 5 years. GATE IIT is one of the renowned institute for NEET Coaching in Bangalore with high success rate. For students who want to make their career in the field of medicine, this is the first step to it.

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