How To Locate The Perfect Nursing School

Health care has always been a fantastic field to get into. And with recent changes, this field is set to explode again. Many jobs and careers in this field will be virtually free from any worries regarding the recession or layoffs. One of the most in demand jobs is that of a registered nurse.

How does this affect you? If you already are a registered nurse, then you know the benefits of rarely worrying about being laid off, or suffering from any other economic squeeze. If you are considering becoming a nurse, then this article is for you. You’ll a couple of things to look for when selecting your nursing school, so you can give yourself the best possible chances of success.


When you start looking at schools, make sure to focus on only those that are accredited. While you’ll still have to pass your exam to get a nursing license, an accredited school will be much easier, because the subject of study will be in line with acceptable core curriculum. The two biggest bodies to check your potential school for are the NLNAC and the CCNE. If your school is accredited by either one, that’s acceptable, but both would be ideal.


The second thing to check is how many students, as a percentage, regularly pass the national nursing exam, known as the NCLEX. Make sure to check a few years worth of data. If the school in question has over seventy five percent of students pass this exam on the first try, then chances are it’s a pretty good school. If the school seems reluctant to release this information, then perhaps you should give them a pass.


Tuition is another big issue. There are many options for tuition assistance, grants, scholarships and student loans. Obviously, student loans should be your last option, as you don’t want to have a mountain of debt when you are just starting your career. Find out if the school has any other options besides this. You’d be surprised how many scholarship and grant programs there are out there if you look hard enough.


Making sure the school you’re looking at has the curriculum you’re interested in is also important. For example, if you’d like to become a surgical nurse, then make sure the school in question has classes that can support this. Some schools have this, while others don’t, so it’s important to shop around.


Becoming a nurse is an excellent career decision. The jobs are in high demand, and the salaries are pretty good. The only thing you need to do now is put in the work to find the right school for you, and start studying.


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