Why Schools Are Not Considering Instructions Of DOE

Present time is the time of tough competition. To whose are not ready to face the tough competition in the real world will left far behind from others in getting success in life. No one in this world wants to be left out in this world and thus try very hard to achieve each and everything in their life.


Everybody around the person does want that he should achieve the best in his life. It does not matter in which part of the world you are living but you will try it hard to get success in your life. At that moment of time in life education plays an important role in deciding whether you will achieve what your want in life or not. The process of school admissions is a process which parents cannot remove the same from their lives. They have to face the same willingly or unwillingly at least at the time of their child admission in one of the nursery schools. The parents cannot skip or ignore the process from their lives because the future of the child is largely depends upon the education he will get in the life. The parents want to admit him in one of the best schools that they can afford. For this they have to search for detailed information of schools in their city from various sources. They also search for the schools in printed school directory that is available for each city.To ease the problems of the parents, Department of Education has laid various guidelines in front of the schools. They have to follow certain norms and orders of the Government at the time of providing admissions to students. But, the schools set their own rules and norms while selecting students for their school. The schools feel that they have a right to choose to which they want to provide education in their premises. The Government have also released school directory India, to help parents in searching the desired school for their children. So, try to admit your child in one of the schools that follow these Government norms in your city as well as provide good educational facilities for the students.


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