Confidence is King

ConfidenceIsKey2Confidence and self belief allow you to do more of what you want to do. Are you content with every aspect of your life? Is there a part of your life which you would like to change over or to improve upon? Many people suffer from negative effects carried forwards from past experiences which haven’t been comfortable; this is all too frequently what stops us for moving on in life.

The fact is that our expectations are based upon our experiences and associated levels of confidence and self belief. If we are fortunate and have had good experiences then our expectations will be positive and confidence high. On the other hand, those of us who have experienced events which were uncomfortable and negative will have less positive expectations about future events.

For some this means that they will hold back, stopping themselves from moving forwards and reaching out for opportunities. Others will still try to move forwards, but will have to contend with their own inner voice constantly warning them of potential pitfalls; this inevitably makes progress slow and difficult, which in actual fact it could be easy if you could only take control of your own mind. Lack of confidence and fear of failure are the enemies of progress and success.

This is why confidence really is King. Confidence is the most important tool which anyone can possess. Without confidence you are too afraid, or too timid, or too doubtful to move forwards and to try something new. Without confidence everything is so much more difficult; small things can become a major trial. As you learn to feel confident in yourself, you open your mind to opportunities instead of to fears.

When you feel confident you can make the important changes in life that you always wanted to, but never had the strength to do so. Confidence makes you strong and powerful; it is enabling.

Whether you are confident or not will be based upon your experiences. Confidence is something which is learned. If you did not learn to be confident as a child, your expectations will be more negative than they should be. But do not fear. Everything can be changed, so long as you want to. Your mind is an incredibly powerful asset, so long as you know how to use it.

I came across a simple directive the other day – “if you think you can’t…think again”. My dad always said “there is no such word as can’t”. It’s true. “Can’t” only exists in your own mind, if you allow it to do so. What has been learned can be unlearned. If you learned a pattern of belief which is frequented too often with a feeling of “can’t”, you can change, no matter what your age.

We continue to learn new concepts and new ideas throughout life. This means that we constantly readjust our perceptions of ourselves; our confidence has the ability to go up and down, depending upon our mental focus and life experiences. Confidence is King and it is all in your mind.

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