Tips For Passing The ITIL Exam

tttBefore we start off with the best practices and tips to passing ITIL, let’s first understand what ITIL is and why would you need this certification. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, also referred as IT service management, is the most widely used IT service management in the world. Millions of companies around the world have accepted this process to supervise their business and IT infrastructure more economically and successfully. It provides us a systematic and efficient approach to the management of IT service provision. Adopting its guidance can provide benefits like reduced costs, improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes, and improved customer satisfaction.

The ITIL version 3 foundation level certification exam is an exam with multiple choices. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete. To pass the exam you need to answer 26 questions correctly out of 40 questions that is equivalent to a 65%. It’s estimated that 95% of those prepared to take the test, pass. What makes it hard is that the 40 questions are selected from 5 different books.

So how do you pass the version 3 certification exam? My advice would be to ensure that you know which processes belongs to which topic, know which key activities make up each process. Know who is responsible to various activities in terms of process ownership. Also make sure you know the acronyms, terminologies to use in the processes, as well as the key phrases that may indicate which process the question is about. Understand the interrelationship between the processes, and know the benefits that can be realized from each process.

The majority of the questions are regarding the process itself. Only a few questions will ask about people, mainly on the service desk, and technology. Write initial answers on the actual exam question paper, and mark answers on the generic exam when you are finished. Make sure to mark the correct answers with a pencil. Be very careful when you erase your mark off an incorrect question.

When you take the exam, ignore everyone else in the room. Work at your own pace and ignore what anyone else is doing. Answer those questions first of which you’re sure of the answer. Remember to transfer your questions from the question paper to the answer sheet, and don’t worry if you don’t know the answers. These tips and trick should be helpful to you in clearing the exam. Good luck!

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