Preparing for the IIT JEE from Class XI and XII

Preparing for the IIT JEEThis article is completely focussed on Class XI and XII students, who are aspiring to gain admission into the most premier engineering college in India, namely the IIT.

A leading number of students start early in their preparation for the IIT JEE right from the time they step into Class XI. Even if any student is not sure of pursuing IIT admissions, starting early can provide them with more time to discuss and plan their future academic prospects with their teachers and academic mentors.

So, is it advisable to start so early in your preparations? Most JEE toppers would advise you to start early, especially if you are completely convinced that Engineering would be your preferred choice of career. As the IIT JEE is one of the most demanding and competitive exams around with lakhs of Indian students sitting for the exam every year, any early bird student would stand a better chance at succeeding compared to the rest.

Class 10 students can prepare themselves mentally by appearing for the NTSE (National Talent Search Examination), which is one of the most difficult exam to undergo at high school level. This scholarship program can help you identify your level of intellect and if you should consider pursuing IIT aspirations.

CBSE Class XI and XII students can also refer NCERT Textbooks, as these are very valuable in the preparation for IIT JEE. At the same time, understanding the study concepts of your XI and XII courseware can also provide you with the competitive edge in your JEE preparation.

Students, who value the JEE higher than the Class XII board examinations, can invest more of their time into the JEE preparation. This can be done as the Class XI and XII syllabus preparation would not consume most of your time through the 2 years. You can focus on the IIT entrance examination by joining a quality IIT coaching institute in your locality during your Class XI and XII years. A quality IIT coaching institute can develop and mentor your understanding of what to expect in the JEE course material. Due to lengthy preparation time of around 2 years, there is less pressure on the students and they are able to grasp the fundamentals of the JEE courseware.

Students, who still weigh a lot of importance to their Class XII board examinations, can still spare a couple of hours daily from their study schedule to be devoted to JEE preparation. An organized weekly time table is very useful in effective time management to utilize your productive time.

The basic idea is to be able to strike a healthy balance between studying for your board examination and preparing for IIT JEE Free Articles, while also ensuring that you have sufficient time for play and recreation.


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