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A teaching cover letter is the first impression of the applicant on the recruiter and should have the necessary ingredients which can make the recruiter interested as the cover letter provides the important information which the CV does not contain. The recruiter takes notes of the qualifications and experience apart from the abilities of the applicant while reading the cover letter. Here are a few tips on how to organize the cover letter which can be of great help for those who want to apply for a teacher’s position.

Mention the reason for joining the school clearly with your ambitions. Study some teacher letters sent from schools to the guardians which will provide an idea proper communication, the words used etc by the teachers.The eagerness of the applicant & the enthusiasm in dealing with the children should be mentioned in the letter. The love and affection with the students and the likes & dislikes of the applicant provides an impression of the applicant being social and well suited for the teacher’s post.


The common attributes of the teachers like being motivator, self confident, patient listener, facilitator, dedicated, positive etc should be included by the candidate when writing about their personality traits. These words work well in a teaching cover letter. There are limited job openings in teaching profession with a very close competition between hundreds of applicants for fewer positions and in order to get noticed from the clutter of applications, the applicant needs to write the teaching cover letter which can provide as much information as possible.


The cover letter should be contained to not more than one page as multiple pages of the cover letter lose the required attention of the prospective employer as they do not have sufficient time to read more than what they require. An informative cover letter of one page gives a good impression. The proper A teaching cover letter can definitely grab the attention of the employer and help the candidate in getting the interview call. The letter should end mentioning the list of enclosures in the last line.


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