TAE40110: The Latest Training and Assessment Qualification

The new talk of the town in the career industry is the latest TAE 40110. Rumor has it that this new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will replace the old TAA 40104.


If you are considering enrolling in a TAA course, you might be stuck figuring out if you enroll in the old TAA 40104 or proceed to take up the latest TAE40110.

So to help you make a more informed decision, take a closer look between the two choices.


What is TAE40110?


TAE40110 is the latest code for the Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification. And as of June 2010, it has superseded the TAA 40104.


Though the National Quality Council of Australia has declared that both TAA 40104 and TAE40110 are of equal footing, it is said that by May 2011 all online learners will be required to enroll in TAE40110 and no new enrollments will be taken for TAA 40104.


What is the difference between TAA 40104 and TAE40110?


Basically TAE40110 is made up the TAA 40104 units. But to meet the new standards and requirements of AQTF2010, new materials and units are added.


Why take up the new TAE40110?


As the VET environment demands a wider and diverse skill, knowledge and competence, the new TAE40110 training education package was born. The latest qualification of the Certificate IV Training and Assessment is developed for Australian enterprises and the export job marketplace.


The TAE40110 has more comprehensive units of learning that support training education in the learners subject area of which they intended to teach.


This means that you will have a more competitive edge in getting the job you have always dreamed of having.


What if you have already started TAA 40104 but want to change to TAE40110?


Many online training education providers are offering a smooth transition from TAA to TAE. And one of them is Accredited Online Training (AOT). As a matter of fact, their TAA students can upgrade to TAE fast and easy.


They are also offering the latest TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification.


If you want a more personal response about the new TAE40110, call 1300-726634 or log on to http://www.aot.edu.au/certificate-iv/training-and-assessment-tae.html


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