3 Ways a Student in College Can Earn an Income While Studying Fulltime

A student in college with a full time academic course has enough on their plate concerning them without having to worry about the debt they are creating for their education.

But, how can they not think about their financial situation everyday?

Books, dorm, classes, everything has a fee connected to it and college grants or loans don’t always cover the entire cost of a students education, leaving in the back of the students head the thought of how it will all be paid.

In my opinion, college students should be more focused on their studies instead of on their debt in college.

If you see yourself in this dillema and are enrolled in college on a full-time basis with just a few minutes a day to sit in front of your computer, then the great news is you really do have the time to start making money that will off-set some of those college tuition fees.

These 3 ways a student in college can reduce their debt is meant for you.

#1 Create a Student Blog

Blogging is a popular activity among college students and is quite profitable if done correctly.

If you were to use a this free Blog at Google’s Blogger, Google Adsense will encourage you to join their pay per click program so they can post links to other websites on your blog. If someone visits your Blog and clicks on their links, Google will charge them a fee and split the earnings with you.

Having a popular Blog with lots of traffic is a great way to earn some extra cash, and if you’re a college student in credit card debt, your earnings could easily cover the monthly interest on those cards.

#2 Become a Ghost Writer

One form of driving traffic to a Blog or website is through article marketing. Article marketing is nothing more than expressing your thoughts in 500 words or less and posting those thoughts on relevant websites.

Those who want massive amounts of free traffic to their sites, but who can’t write an article, hire a ghost writer who is paid a fee for their work.

Usually this fee is under 20.00 an article, but once you have the hang of it, writing 4 or 5 articles a day is a breeze.

If you have debt in college, this is a sure way to pay it off pretty quickly. Search the Internet for “Ghost Writers Wanted”.

#3 Use Affiliate Marketing Through the Internet

An affiliate is someone who presents a product for sale and when it is purchased, they earn a commission.

The most successful affiliate marketers represent companies with products they are familiar with and would enjoy promoting, or they select a product that addresses a need they know others in their situation share.


A student in college is a student in credit card debt, right?

Who better to know more about this situation than you?

In this example, the student would select an affiliate program that would help other students earn an income to off-set college tuition.

To find the program, they would simply go to the Google search browser and type in the words “make money+affiliate” in quotations. The results page on Google will have many affiliate marketing opportunities for the student to choose from.

Choose the affiliate product you are most comfortable with and post your thoughts on it’s benefits to other college students on your Blog.

How Do You Make Money?

The product you choose to promote will have a sales link in the URL provided be company you are affiliated with. Within this URL will be your own identification tracking number. When someone clicks and ultimately purchases the product, the sale is tracked back to you where you’ll earn a commission. Usually in the neighborhood of 75% for a $97.00 eBook.

I hope that if you are a student in college who has some debt that you’ll use this advice to assist in your ability to pay your college tuition.

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