Exam Preparation Tips – Memorizing Text

curriculumIt’s that time of year again. The time when the bats and balls go in and the books come out from hibernation. The time every student has come to loathe. It’s exam time. Exams can feel daunting to the best of us. We all have the fear of sitting in the exam hall, looking at the question paper and feel all that we have studied turn into a jumbled mass of letters and words that don’t make sense. But here are a few ways to beat the examination blues and pass with flying colors.
• One of the first things to decide is when to start. It is always best to start early so you have enough time to let everything you studied sink in. Don’t put off studying till the last minute. Your brain needs time to digest what it just learnt and process it before it can recall it for the exam.

• Plan your schedule by making a timetable for yourself. Divide your course load so you give a reasonable amount to each subject. Allot a little extra time for the areas you find tough.

• Making notes and writing down the key points help you memorize topics better than if you just read them. Highlighting important parts of lessons saves time when you are revising what you have learnt

• Be creative when it comes to memorizing. Create a story or poem using the key words so that you won’t find topics boring or hard to remember. Abbreviations and tabular columns go a long way too.

• Organize a study group with your friends. Set a goal for the day and be sure to reach it. Studying with others is a great way to have fun while you learn.

• Don’t buckle under pressure. Keep cool and focused at all times. Worrying about the exam and being stressed out is not going to help you.

• Take breaks whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Go for a walk or listen to music. A Good night’s sleep is a must. You can’t study if you are high strung without proper rest.

• Repetition is the key to remembering what you’ve learnt. Recall the day’s study before you go to bed.This cements the information in your brain and makes it easy to remember.

You can do it. The exams are nothing to be scared about. Prepare well and the beast won’t seem too scary anymore. The most important tip of them all is to believe in yourself.

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