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A poor reader can improve his speed of reading by using many self-paced methods but these methods are unable to develop confidence in the reader. Moreover he remains unable to use machines, tapes and some specially designed reading material and exercises. So he needs speed reading course specially designed to learn how to speed read. Many institutes offer courses and websites which teach you how to speed read. Speed reading course is a collection of techniques used to improve your reading speed. You can learn how to speed read by joining these courses with the help of state of the art technology and self paced methods. These courses include psychological techniques like eliminating sub vocalization and chunking etc., which improve reading speed. These institutes use tapes, films, seminars, and software to offer different kinds of exercises.

People who want to learn how to speed read can enroll in courses offered by colleges and websites. These short courses improve study skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary. There are many websites that offer software and “speed reading courses” online which teach how to speed read. Some institutes use different types of questionnaires for speed reading learners to urge them to join the course and focus that text should be serially processed. You can complete your speed reading course online without attending any class physically because all the material and exercises are provided online. In 1980s the cost of speed readings courses was hundreds of dollars but now they have been reduced.

Steve Harris’ Institute of Speed Reading in Ottawa offers speed reading courses since 1981. He designed special courses for universities, government, businessmen and high schools. Different techniques are used to teach how to speed read in different languages such as science, law, literature, management and technical etc. Individuals can sign up in a course of one day session from 9 AM to 4 PM. Courses are organized at Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Victoria, Ottawa and Kingston. Groups are taught speed reading at their arranged locations when their number reaches up to 15. The training is held all over the world at moderate rates. You can learn how to speed read from “Good Speed Reading Courses” by managing the movement of your eyes, memory and understanding what have you read. It is your effort and commitment, which enables you to complete well designed exercises for practice.

UT Learning is another center that develops its speed reading courses to improve the readings speed of its students. The speed of reading varies from material to material; some students’ speed increases many times but some students’ speed remains unaffected. So it depends on the self-ability of students, their psychology, and intellectuality due to which his speed of reading can be improved. At the end of course it would be impossible to say how many words they can read in a minute. UT Learning Center provides the facility to discuss your problem with its learning specialists.

There are some reasons for which kids under 11 to13 years of age are not encouraged to join speed reading courses. Students at the age of 13 can improve their speed of reading but they have to work hard for it. Students under 13 years of age are not enrolled in speed reading courses because they have not enough money. The methods of teaching and their homework assignments are not easy for young students to follow. It is not easy for young students to be master of speed reading.

Readers can learn how to speed read by going through following 3 stages of speed reading courses:

Stage 1: Beginner’s Stage

In this stage a reader reads many words but understands none. Different readers spend different time on this stage from one day to 3 weeks.

Stage 2: Growth Stage

In this stage a reader’s mind begins to understand the meanings of the material through speed reading. The level of comprehension varies at this stage.

Stage 3: Power Stage.

In this stage speed reading plays an important role in learning. Comprehension level increases along with the speed of reading.



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