A Description Of What Distance Learning Is

A recent study from Project Tomorrow reveals that the number of high school students taking classes online has almost doubled since 2008. While high school students are finding college prep and SAT/ACT prep classes easily accessible, adults are jumping on the distance learning bandwagon, also.

They key reason many people choose distance learning as an option for their education or college prep needs is because of the time factor: there just isn’t enough of it. With classes offered through the internet, people who work during the day, or high school students whose days are filled with projects, sports, and other activities, can still find time at night to study.

Adults sometimes find themselves laid off or stuck in a mid-level job in their 40s without any room for growth. Upon review of their life and situation, these adults choose online classes as a means to develop new skills, obtain new degrees, begin technical training, career advancement, or even career shifts altogether.

Learning at a distance is not just for high school students who have fallen behind in a particular subject, looking to make up the credits through a summer-school model. Many states are now seeing their high schools getting involved in distance learning by offering online courses for students wanting to get ahead and qualify for advance placement classes.

Most states offer advance placement tests at the high school level, so that in many high schools across the country, students are entering their freshman year of college with half of their credits already accomplished.

To address the growing need for a consistent educational program for children of military families, distance learning has provided opportunities for these families, many of which travel often. Of course, many children in families with a parent or family star athlete or entertainer also benefit from online courses or online schools, since these children travel often and need the consistency of one curriculum with the flexibility that distance learning lends.

Other children who are hospitalized or simply unable to geographically attend school often opt for these curriculums.

Independent studies are not for the procrastinator, so not just anyone can succeed at it. It takes an above-average self-starter with strong discipline to visit the online curriculum site each day and dedicate a few hours to studying at home in front of the computer.

The traditional classroom model becomes easy in holding one accountable: if you show up to class without having done your assignment, a teacher will most likely will hold you accountable.

With a distance learning course, sometimes there is no one holding you accountable for getting in front of your computer each day or week. With many distant courses, your course review or assessment comes at the end, so if you put off studying or writing papers or homework, by the end of the course procrastination may have buried you too deep a hole to dig free from.

So really, the best word of advice for those considering correspondence courses or correspondence school is to study (and be disciplined).


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