7 Effective Ways To Develop Intelligence

iq1. Quality Rest

Our body is designed so that a continuous activity quickly wears us out, and there is nothing we can do but fall down. To avoid this, insert breaks of 30 minutes to an hour while working. How can this affect the intelligence, you may ask? It’s simple. The brain is involved in any work, and so it also must rest fully. Everyone must have noticed at some point that if they did not sleep well or were very tired, they couldn’t concentrate on the business at hand. If you want to boost your intellectual capacity, start with sleeping at least 8 hours a day. If you are tired from work, relax for an hour. If you keep working without giving your body a rest, you can burn out and it will affect your health and mental abilities.

2. Throw Your TV Out

Most people relax in front of their TV after work, but there are alternative ways of quality rest. Watching TV hampers the development of intelligence because the TV is a tool for the government which programs our subconsciousness for the worse. If you want to be a smart and multi-faceted personality and think effectively, stop watching TV. It is better to enjoy a good movie on DVD. Read books on self-development, communicate with your loved ones, watch movies that you enjoy. All in all, if you want develop your intellect, give up TV.

3. Read Books

How to develop intelligence? Read clever and educational literature. Read the books of authors who are the best in their subject. Reading good literature, you will not only increase your intelligence, but also enrich your vocabulary, grammar, and expand your horizons.

4. Mind Games

If we do not train and develop our brain for a long time, it begins to degrade. To avoid this, train it. How can you do this? There are a lot of methods. The best ones are a game of chess, crossword puzzles, IQ tests, i. e. the activity that requires solving difficult problems. A person develops only when he or she uses a new level of his or her abilities. You should also begin to develop your memory which is an integral part of intelligence.

5. Your Physical Condition

Regular physical activity, sports and healthy food contribute to the development of human intelligence. The people who exercise regularly get large amounts of energy and endorphins, which has a positive effect on the brain and human intelligence. Monitor everything that enters your body. Our brain requires fatty acids to work effectively. Include fish dishes, vegetables, fruits and vitamins, especially B12, in your diet.

6. Harmful Substances

In order to have a developed intellect, reduce the bad habits that poison the body to a minimum. Those are alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical preparations (tablets, vaccines and so on). Discard the harmful substances once and for all, or at the very least reduce their intake. The effect will be noticeable immediately.

7. Meditate

The process of thinking helps the development of intelligence. When a person begins to think about something, be it an important decision or something else, his or her brain begins its natural work, and we must remember that to have a high intelligence, we need to train our brain constantly. The best and the right decisions are taken when a person is completely relaxed and calm. Relaxation and tranquility are activating means, which, along with our intuition, are crucial to success when taking decisions.

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