5 Reasons to Build Authentic Trading Rooms in a Finance College

Many business schools, and even finance-oriented high schools, across the nation are incorporating real-world digital solutions throughout their campuses and into the classrooms?a trend that reflects not only fast-technological advancements of the modern world but the impressive rate at which many of these still-new technologies are becoming cheap enough for the masses. One way to really bring the real world into a finance education environment is through the use of trading rooms.

Trading rooms are basically classrooms that are set up to mimic the atmosphere of a real world trading floor, complete with large LCD screens displaying live market data, LED tickers, multi-time zone clock displays, and more. So why build one of these rooms on your campus, and what is in it for the students?


1. Authenticity 


Well, first off, a trading room is all about building that authenticity so your students feel they are already in the middle of it all. This helps to build excitement, capture attention, and harness momentum?all important aspects of the learning process. It’s like the difference between playing around with an aviation video game and sitting in a professional flight simulator.


2. Learning Tools 


And with that authenticity comes highly effective learning resources. Because in the most authentic trading rooms, the tools are not set up just for show. They are there for analyzing and engaging with the business world so we can learn using the same tools that the pros are learning to do business.


3. Bridge the Gap 


What that does is bridge the oft-criticized gap between an education and real hands-on business experience. You don’t want to send out a graduate pool of parrots into the business world?you want to produce highly-qualified hires who are capable of jumping right into the work force and putting their new skills to use. You want to produce assets for the companies that hire your students?not a person whose training must be started over from scratch.


4. High-Tech Atmosphere 


Finance schools benefit from the high-tech atmosphere a digital display set up produces because people expect them to be high-tech, and nothing is more high-tech than a real-world trading floor students can engage with. Schools who are embracing this are quickly setting the standard, and your students and the public alike will never forget where they are and what your institution represents.


5. Best of the Best Image 


What it all comes together to create is the image of your school among the ranks of the best of the best?at the cutting edge of finance education. This means that your authentic trading rooms not only contribute to giving your students the best education possible but also directly contribute to the next set of highly qualified academics coming in the door next year…and the year after…and the year after that.


So, as you can see, putting together one of these virtual trading floors in a finance school environment creates a host of great benefits that not only contribute to your school’s effectiveness in educating the world’s future business leaders but also makes it a more attractive place to learn.


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