Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CurriculumThe importance of a CV in job seeking cannot be overemphasized. A well written CV is the difference between the possibility of securing a job opportunity and the otherwise. As such, it is important to recognize some of the key attributes that define a well-written CV. These attributes include:

a) A simple outlook, where the CV should assume a format and style that makes it quite easy to read while revealing all the relevant information.

b) Simple language is another key attribute. Language used should simple enough to avoid confusion or ambiguity. Complex vocabulary and jargon should avoid where and when possible.

c) Appropriate grammar is equally important when writing a CV. Appropriate grammar refers to spellings and sentence structure. While correct grammar must be observed, sentences should be fragmented. This is to reduce wordiness in sentences.

d) Coherence is equally important. The CV should be coherent enough to allow a free flow in the sentences and the message being put forward.


To ensure that your CV is coherent, various measures could be adopted when writing it. These measures include:

a) You should gather information on the relevant information to be included. This entails familiarizing yourself with the details of a CV in an effort to respective gather personal data.

b) You should as well conduct an evaluation of the job you are seeking. This is important in effectively tailoring your personal information to enhance your suitability for the job.

c) Equally, you should conduct a research about the company/institution you are seeking employment at. This is necessary in gathering knowledge on the respective expectations for the specific position.

d) Evaluate all your skills achieved from various work experiences. This is an essential step when writing a CV as it helps stipulate the value you are likely to add to the company/institution.

e) Proofread it and find someone else to do the same.


Various formats could be adopted when writing a CV. Nonetheless, there are various key attributes that define a good format. These are:

a) Separating all sections is important. All key sections should be separated either through spacing or a line. Notably, the separation should be uniform. Highlighting of the key sections is also essential and is usually realized by making their headings bold.

b) Personal identification should appear at the CV’s top page. This should start without your name, followed by personal address, phone contact, and email address respectively. This is important in enhancing feedback.

c) Write your personal profile. Although it is not mandatory, it plays an important role in highlighting your personality in regard to your suitability for the job.

d) Come up with respective sections in the right sequence. The sections encompass work experience, education, skills and achievements, and personal interests. Mostly, these sections should follow based on the most recent activity within the sections.
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