Forestry Courses – The Backbone of Economic Development

Forestry courses provide interested candidates the necessary skills and techniques to successfully secure employment within the industry, both in New Zealand and overseas. Forests are a highly significant natural resource of any country, providing the backbone to many economies through wood. As a key driver of economic development, maintaining a country’s forests as an invaluable asset is of the utmost importance to all involved.

The continued growth in the interest of maintaining balanced ecology and forests that are environmentally viable has created demand within the industry for highly trained individuals to study and educate others on the importance of forests and how best to ensure that they, and the resources they provide, are cared for effectively. Sustainability has become a central focus of the modern forestry industry, both in terms of product and retaining the resource for future generations. Forestry courses highlight the need to care for the natural resources found within forests, and the large range of natural disasters such as floods, and landslides that threaten the welfare of forests and the resources they provide.

There exist a very broad range of job opportunities within the governmental and private sectors that require specialised education, which is only available from reputable and experienced tertiary facility providers. These job opportunities are available on a global scale, and range from hands on positions that include pruning, planting and operating heavy equipment, to strategic and managerial roles such as forestry consultants.

Graduates who have successfully completed their forestry course will be employed within an industry that does not force them to be placed within the confines of an office cubicle as many jobs require. Instead, those who are trained in forestry find themselves outside, particularly during the first few years following graduation and completion of their forestry course. It is within this setting that trained individuals are best able to put their training into practise in a range of employment openings.

Forestry courses offer graduates the opportunity to advance quickly within their career to a position where they may be managing other individuals, organisations, and technicians as they work. The industry provides professional individuals with an incredibly rewarding and rich career in which to spend their time that benefits all in society. The need for trained professionals within this sector is set to continue to grow, future proofing this career throughout all financial climates.


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