Why is Time Management Important? Here are 9 Quick Reasons

It is interesting to see there are some people who would still ask – Why is time management important?

As if the benefits aren’t obvious enough. Or I reckon they probably have not tried time management hence the benefits never occurred to them. For those who are here and wonder why is time management so important, then I hope these quick answers will get you on the right track and start managing your time more purposefully.

1. Helps You Prioritize

Well, time management is important because it helps you prioritize your work. Once you have a list of things you need to tackle, you need to see what you should do first. What are those that are important and time sensitive. That way, you set out to do those first.

2. Get More Done In Less Time

The other reason why time management is important is that you will get more done in less time. When you plan your time, you will see the amount of work that needs to be tackled. That puts into context how much time you need. Inevitably, you will know not to laze your time away.

3. More Quality Work

When you plan your time you are making wise investment of a very limited resource – time. Knowing what to work on, when and how much time you have to finish the work makes you more focused. That focus on the work ensures that you get more quality work out.

4. Keeps Things In Context

Sometimes you may hear people complaining that there is no balance in their lives.

Ever wondered maybe the reason is that they do not know how to manage their time? A possibility, maybe. One reason why is time management important is that it can put things into context for you.

If you see the list of work you have and the things you need to do, then you will be forced to make tough decisions. Especially on what to spend your time on and how to spend your time.

5. Forces You To Do Things You Do Not Like

This is one of my personal favorites. Why is time management important? Simple, when you write down what you need to do – it is there staring at you. You are forced to tackle it. To me it is a target I have given myself and so I must live up to the challenge regardless of how much I hate doing it.

6. Keeps You On Track

Whether it is a daily work list or a long-term career plan – time management keeps you on track. With your goals stated and time allocated, the likelihood of you staying within the boundaries you have given yourself is higher. Of course, do not be your own jury and judge. That means do not give yourself excuses when you start to procrastinate.

7. Making Sure You Deliver What’s Promised

How would you deliver what you promised on time if you do not manage your time? Have you always disappointed your colleagues on the delivery of your part of the project? Perhaps you aren’t doing well with time management. Making sure you deliver what’s promised should be reason enough why is time management important.

8. Time Is Limited

There is a Chinese proverb that loosely translates this saying ‘no amount of gold can buy you time.’ Time ticks away regardless you like it or not. Why is time management important? Because time is limited. Once lost, you cannot gain it back.

9. Helps Discipline Ourselves

Time management is a huge part of managing yourself. If you cannot manage time and won’t manage your limited resources, how do you plan to achieve your goals? I find that learning to manage time helps to discipline yourself.

By now you should get a fairly good idea why is time management important. Once you start you will immediately feel its benefits. That will keep you going.

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