What A Kid Wants From School

A kid’s world is a different world all together. A world where homework doesn’t exist, games and toys are abundant, colours are rampant and there is no end to the imaginations right from blue foxes to yellow elephants. A make believe world that keeps these kids so glued to the TV set and Play stations. A school recently conducted an opinion poll on what children wanted from school and discovered some startling responses from children randomly selected from different age groups.

The children felt happy to be a part of the opinion poll and felt happy to be questioned. Infact some even wrote out their answers and memorized them to answer when their turn came. One child didn’t feel like going to school everyday and felt school shouldn’t be everyday. A 12 year old said should display work well done by a student open for comments. Yes,in senior school was part of the school parliament in his school and enjoyed being a part of it.


He felt every school should have a system to voice student concerns. Benjamin liked the fact that his school encouraged his projects than look at his academic scores. This had even made his mother happy with him. Meira felt uniforms were such a waste. Pursuing a specialization in class ten, Meira wants to be a designer and feels uniforms could be given a more modern look, retaining the colour combination but introducing with customized changes to suit a student’s style. Michael added to say uniforms shouldn’t be made compulsory if a student didn’t want to. Shyla in class 5 said, children should choose the subjects that will make them what they want to be from start.


Mohan in class 8 felt the canteen food was lousy and schools must change with the taste of the generation. A diverse range of opinions, the school opinion poll was an eye-opener for the management who thought their students were happy with the way things were. As providing education to all has become the priority over the recent years, OSA is India’s leading portal for school admissions to schools in the city of your choice. We provide accurate information about all the schools in Mumbai. You could also check from our List Of Schools In Chennai on our portal that would help you to take an informed decision while choosing a school in India.


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