Tips And Strategies to Score High Marks in JEE Main

JEE Exam Preparation TipsIIT, a name which every engineering aspirant already have in mind, whose preparation scare every examinee to the core. JEE Main is the most competitive engineering entrance exam. Here in this article we will discuss some important points to be taken care of to help the examinee to crack JEE Main in the very first attempt.

Tips one must follow if he/she aims to crack JEE in the first attempt –

1. Syllabus –

In any exam one must know about the syllabus well because that will guide you further in what to do and how to do.

Students must be well aware of the syllabus and always keep an eye on updates and revisions.

2. Marking System & Patterns –

Every aspirant must understand the marking system and the pattern of the exam to mould the preparation plan accordingly. Thorough all the previous year question paper, weightage and all related important information.

3. Study Material –

For any and every exam, we have to gather solid study material. It must include previous year question paper and all the relevant books for the respective syllabus. Keenly study the syllabus to have the best of the results.

4. Work more on the theory part –

The paper is based on both numerical and theory part. Still students have to focus more on theory as more questions are formed and asked from this part and the theory will helps one to understand the basics which might increase one’s potential to solve the numerical.

5. Learn the basic –

Before starting any sort of preparation brush off the dust from the basics. It is very necessary to do so as it helps to learn the new concepts faster and easier. JEE exam has the time limit like every other exam and one has to clear the basic in order to increase their speed at attempting and solving questions.

6. Prepare Notes –

Always make handy notes of the chapter to keep a record of your preparation so that just before the exam it will be easier for you to revise with them. Notes are every essential for almost every preparation as they help you to learn faster and revise easily.

7. Systematic Approach –

Instead of rushing for all the topics at once. Understand them, one by one. Have a systematic approach towards them to avoid any kind of confusion, and it will also reduce the time of redoing them if you already understand the core of it.

8. Question Papers of previous Years –

Always go through previous year’s question paper. At least try to study and solve question paper of last five years because it will help you in understanding the exam pattern, the question type as well the weightage for every section.

9. Practice Papers –

This is the last ingredients in the formula for success in JEE Main. Solving as many practice papers as you can not only prepares you for the exam but also give you the real-time experience of what you are going to face inside the exam hall. One can also choose the online mock test as they give immediate evaluations.

Follow the steps above and start your journey to JEE Mains now. We wish you all the luck, and we hope you’ll clear it in the very first attempt.

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