Time Management: Why And How To Teach Your Kid?

This article is written after taking suggestions from some of the renowned teachers from leading CBSE School in Greater Noida. It’s about the ways and importance of teaching your kid about time management

Time is important. No, not because of the clichéd probe “time is money,” but it is actually extremely important to get a grip on your time. As adults, many often struggle to manage time in a proper manner. If you do not want your kid to struggle with the same issue then teaching them to manage time as a kid is the best way out. However, it is not easy to teach a kid about the importance of time and also the way to manage the same. Thus, here are some tips from the experts that will help you to tackle this aspect of your kid’s life in a proper manner.

Make a routine

No, there is no need to act like a dictator with them and restrict their time. However, having a point of reference that segregates the activities is a good option. Also, you can inculcate good habits with the regular following of the routine. The good habits can be brushing twice, waking up early, reading, and so on. Introduction of a routine will make sure they know it’s essential to commence and complete work on time.

Calendar creation

This is a fun way to involve your kid in sketching their time and important days. They can make a calendar about their daily activities of the holidays. This is also a way to make them independent as they will learn to do the things on time they have set themselves.

Importance of planning

Whether it is about them going for a play date or waiting for a holiday, you can always make them learn the aspect of planning. Planning forms an essential part of life and the child needs to learn it early. This will also teach them to be accountable for the time in their hand.

Real and virtual world

You cannot stop your young one from exploring the virtual world and you should not. There are many aspects that are actually good for your kid in her or his growing years. However, restriction of time is an essential part. Tell them to manage their time and use virtual platform within a designated time. Instead of setting it, as a ruleArticle Search, make them understand the pros and cons. This will help them in learning about managing the time for each item.

Your young one can learn things much quicker than you think. A little nudge on the right path will help them in having a better future.


Vishakha is known as one of the leading educationalists who is associated with the renowned CBSE School in Greater Noida the Manthan School. This school has modern-day infrastructure that provides the students with the finest education. They also act as a platform to open new doors for the kids in term of extracurricular activities. They aim towards creating a better future for the young minds.

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