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Every student wishes to find a college dorm according to his/her needs and requirements. Students who move out of their house for the first time are always confused about dormitory life and the things they should expect. Although basic requirements like snacks, furniture etc. is a must, but there are lots of other things to be considered. Most students make the mistake of carrying unnecessary things and leaving behind the important ones. Finding the right dorm is as important as finding the right college to study. As this will be the place where you will reside during your college days, you must have all the essentials things with you. To make things easier for students, websites have come up that provide all the essential information about the things you should carry in your dorm room. If you are worried about how to stand your roommate and deal with dorm room hookups, then these websites are a perfect answer to all your worries. The dorm room survival stories featured by the websites are written by the students presently studying in that particular college.

It is very important for students who want to study abroad to choose their dorm room very carefully. Apart from the dorm life, new friends, new life, new cities are all a part of the package. But first timers have no idea where to begin their search. To help them and make their decision easier, websites feature a list of all the essential things that they need to know about studying abroad. Experts also reveal all the information about financial aid and study loans. You can find out how different study programs work.

Before joining a college, it is important for every student to know about the college stats. You should have a clear picture about the reputation of the college as well as its status. There are many social networking sites through which you can contact students studying in those colleges. They serve as a platform where you will get an idea about the different happenings in the hostels and dorms of that particular college you wish to enroll.

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