Professional Courses to Drive Indian Higher Education

As per our recent research report Indian Education Services- A Hot Opportunity, the number of universities has grown manifold in the higher education and the professional education has seen rapid growth in the recent past. We have found that the number of engineers will rise at a CAGR of 24% during 2011-2013. Besides, other professional courses like medical and management will witness sharp growth rates in higher education services. The number of doctors will rise at a CAGR of 7.6% during the forecast period.

Our report studies the Indian higher education sector by segmenting it into various courses like Medical, Engineering and Management. Further, these sections forecast the annual enrollments in various courses to project the requirement of colleges for such a high number of students. A vocational course, which prepares an individual for a specific career or occupation, is another segment studied deeply in the report. Additionally, the report contains the market size by annual enrollment and by revenues.

As per our study, e-learning and the entry of foreign players are potential growth areas, while low pedagogic quality is the major challenge in the higher education. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop the education infrastructure.

Indian Education Services- A Hot Opportunity provides quality research and an in-depth analysis of the Indian higher education market. The report facilitates current industry status and forecast for higher education segments, with focus on potential students enrollments, and colleges requirements during 2011-2013. It provides the regulatory framework to set up an institute in India for both national and foreign player. This section has been included to provide a balanced research outlook on the Indian higher education sector.

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