Exam Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 8 Hindi

CBSE Class 8 HindiWhile some students find language subjects to be very easy, some find these subjects comparatively challenging. This is mainly because most of the students concentrate on preparing for the core subjects like Social Studies, science and mathematics. They pay very less attention to language subjects. However, it has to be noted that the total Grand score depends on the individual scores obtained in every subject and thus scoring well in languages is as important as scoring well in other core subjects. If you are confused about how to prepare for your CBSE Class 8 Hindi exams, here are some simple tips for you.

Study Hindi alongside other core subjects so you do not get bored

One of the major complaints many students have with the language subjects is that they get very bored reading the chapters. The best way to fight this problem of getting bored is to study this subject alongside the core subjects. Thus, in the very first step of preparation which is preparing the study timetable to ensure that you include Hindi as an interval subject between 2 core subjects.

Practice those poems first which are to be memorized

The best technique used for memorizing the poems is by adding your favorite tunes to the poems and singing it aloud. This technique is widely used across the world to remember a set of lines as it is or as quoted by the author of the poem.

Understand the summary of every lesson

If you think that language subjects are to be memorized and there’s nothing to deeply understand, then let me tell you that you are wrong. It is very important for you to understand what the author or the poet is trying to convey. This not only enhances knowledge but also makes it very easy for you to remember. Never say yes to the concept of mugging up. Understanding the chapter will consume lesser time than mugging up and has better results leading to better performance.

Solve a couple of previous year examination question papers by writing them down

Yes, you heard that right! It is very important for you to practice at least two to five previous year examination papers of CBSE class 8 Hindi by writing the answers down. For many students, one of the biggest challenges that prevent them from scoring well in the language subject is that they cannot write as fast. Thus Science Articles, writing down the answers to some questions will give you good practice.

Make summary notes of the important points to be remembered

The summary notes can be made either in the form of flowcharts or the diagrams. The main objective must be to make the diagrams or flowcharts very attractive and visually appealing which improves your ability to recall and recollect the learnt concepts during your examinations.


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