Payroll & Accounting Clerk – Career in Commerce

If you have got advantageous skills in calculating figures and have inclination towards a profession of assisting businesses in their day to day operations, want to earn good money and a secured career, Accounts can be a field of your interest. The introduction of computer software has made it easy to perform complex accounting calculations through some clicks of mouse. Every business, big or small, has a permanent requirement of Accounting Clerks to manage day to day books and inventories. There is a great requirement of trained and experienced candidates in the field of Payroll Accounting Software, Small business payroll software, Assistant bookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, Account Payable clerk, Payroll accounting, Account, Receivable Clerk, Tax Clerk etc.

There are many colleges and institutes providing comprehensive training Computerized Accounting and Payroll program. These training program enable candidates to skillfully manage financial activities of business and carry out other accounts and payroll related activities in an accurate manner.

Accounting and Payroll Software Certification

There are some very reputed business accounting software like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, ACCPAC which are used widely for small business accounting, middle sized business accounting, corporate business accounting respectively. The offices which use these software also require efficient Account Clerk or Assistant Bookkeeper to operate these applications rightly. You also need to have knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications viz. MS Word, MS Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook for smoothly handling other business requirements.

Accounts & Payroll Training Program

Many colleges and institutes in Canada offer training in Account and Payroll software application but the reliable ones are those which provide practical exposure to their students. On-the-job training is a must for the candidates as you will not be able to understand the complexities of transactions until you face relevant situation and neither you will be able to reckon the value of an error. Hence every employer prefers his account clerk or payroll clerk to be an experienced person so that to reduce mistakes and improve efficiency.

You should consult their faculties before joining a course in account or payroll management from any college or institute. Faculties, which come from business background or professional accountants, CA can only impart you hands-on training in this field and that only is the relevant.

Another benefit of having professionals as your coach is that they can help you get a job instantly after completion of your course. They can even offer you a job of Assistant bookkeeper or accounts and payroll assistant within their own contacts, if they find you competent enough.

Besides, colleges and institutes also help their students get a job by directly contacting industries and local businesses. They also invite HR executives of these companies to recruit candidates from their campus.

These courses are conducted full-time, part-time and also on week-end to suite your timings and lifestyle. Some colleges and institute even agree to provide customize timing schedule so that the candidates can attend them conveniently and complete in their own time schedule.

Students can also inquire about funding possibilities for these courses, as some colleges and institutes may offer HRDC sponsorship for individuals receiving EI or OW, to the recipients of WSI & ODSP. They also offer installment payment plans, Bursaries, Loans, Lines of Credits and other financing facilities to the students who need to avail of them.

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