Love A Practical Job? Opt For An Auto Mechanic

Do you love to work with your hands? Are you a creative person? Are you up to the challenges? Are you in love with machines, specially cars? Then an auto mechanic (sometimes known as a car mechanic) job may be perfect for you.

What is the Profession?

A car mechanic is a profession where people specializes in automobile repairing, maintenance and modifications and does a practical job of repairing, maintaining, and modifying a vehicle with the help of the knowledge and expertise. In this profession, you draw a salary according to your certifications and/or your experience.

What are the qualities?

The qualities needed for this job are diverse. Firstly, a passion for a job of this kind is much needed. A creative person who is interested in this kind of job is eligible for a good working profile and a stable income if he is certified from any accepted courses such as Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) etc. or classes of schools such as NASCAR etc.

These are great professions if you are not much into traditional courses or don’t like them and instead have a passion for how things work. The person must also have an on-the-job training if he is a fresher. A car mechanic should be good at reading machineries and manuals.

He must be familiar with common tools such as ranges, screw-drivers, hammers etc. and know proper handling of them. Another great and essential quality for a car mechanic is to continue studying even after he has found a job. This enables him to be compatible with latest models of vehicles.

How to get what you want?

If you are interested in this profile from high school, it would be great idea to take up courses like electrical and mathematics or physical sciences, even if you are not fond of them. The evolution of this job requires him to be electrically knowledgeable too.

Apprenticeships and training programs are to be sought after from these days if you are serious in your ambition. After high school join a professional auto maintenance course or some equivalents and/or join a mechanic shop as a part-time parts runner. Do some more certifications (the more, the better) and look for an employer who offers opportunities for continued professional development through trainings and certifications.

If you have passion for the job and are up for the challenge, this may be a great career to consider, where you can start earning in a short amount of time. The pay is well and experienced mechanics can work regular day hours. Also an auto mechanic can opt for a vehicle of his liking such as car, aircraft, motorcycle or marine.

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