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Once you have analysed your skills and decided which sort of job you are looking for the next logical thing to do is to find a job which need to get filled, In order to find that you have not only to respond to the advertisements appearing at various places but you have to be proactive and get to know about jobs that aren’t advertised.

Sources for your Job Hunt in India


Journals: Journals generally carry advertisements related to job vacancies. They are two types journals published by professional associations and trade journals that are circulated in certain industries. So, if you are looking to find a job in a particular industry, it is good idea to arrange for a copy of the journal related to that industry. Similarly in case you can check for job vacancies in the journal published by your professional body.


Newspaper: If the new job you desire need to be in a specific geographic location, it is a good idea to check out the newspaper of that particular location.


Placement Services/ Recruitment Agencies: Recruitment agencies are middlemen, who work for various organizations, assisting them by sending short-listed candidates which suit their particular requirement. Organizations pay recruitment agency for providing this service to them. The jobs India available with the placement agencies are generally not advertised elsewhere. All you have to do is get yourself registered with some recruitment agencies and you would start receiving job offers. For doing this, you would be required to pay a very reasonable registration fee. However, you must ask if there are any other charges like commission etc. which you would have to pay if you get the job because some recruiters do charge from the job seekers too, in addition to charging from the organization.


You should choose between various recruitment agencies by asking them about their client age. That is you should ask who are their client and see if they are the ones, which you are looking to apply for. A recruitment agency would not have all sorts of organization as their clients and you surely do not want to register with an agency, which does not have organization, which you are targeting.


Prevent the news of your job hunt to fall wrong ears. This is a small world and your job hunting ambitions can reach wrong ears landing you in deep trouble. One of my friends, who happens to be a web designer, tried to tap his contacts to further his career and was looking up for jobs in India which might be in store for him. Unfortunately, his boss heard about his ambitions and he went in to deep trouble. Now you surely don’t want to be in a position which he found himself into.


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