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Many people are looking for the right past time that they will get to enjoy. Some would want to have some sports as their means of activities and some would want to have other activities that could test their mind. They want something that could test their mental skills and want to know on how good they are. There are now many ways that you can test their capabilities. They can have some logic puzzles to test their skills. You can buy some books that contain these types of games or you may try. If you don’t want to go too far, then you may also try the internet because there are already many games or riddles that can be use. There are also many available IQ test if you really want to know your capacity.

Some logic puzzles that you may try is the crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle is a very good past time. You may find one at the newspaper or some magazines or you may also buy a whole set in just one book. There will be numbers that has the definition of the word that you are going to guess for each box that corresponds to it. There are numbers that corresponds to across and down. Make sure that they will fit appropriately because there will be some words that may fit to the boxes but will not fit to the meaning or it is not the word that is looking for. If you are good in numbers, then you may also try sudoku. The sudoku can be in many different levels. It consists of boxes. The most common type is the three by three subsection of a nine by nine square. The aim is to fill in the squares with numbers from one to nine and there should not be any numbers that are repeating. You should fill in numbers one to nine from across and down and the three by three matrixes.


There are still many logic puzzles available and you may choose on these different puzzles that you think will try on your skills and capabilities. There are still lot in the market as well as in the internet.


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