Physical Science is Refers to The Basic Principle of Earth Science

earthPhysics is a science related to nature and the universe where we live and let live. From sunrise to twilight and midnight to dawn, everything is happening in this world by the grace of physics, even when we are sleeping, science is there to explain why we need to sleep and what takes place while we are sleeping. From gentle breeze to growing trees, scorching sun to beautiful snow fall, melting glacier to frozen river, blooming flower to dazzling shower, floating ship to exciting loonier eclipse, rainbow in the sky and birds can fly whatever is performing has some secret reason which must be proved by scientifically is called physics, and the explanation of the key concepts of a particular aspect of the behavior of nature by implementing theories or models is defined as Physical Science.

We can elaborate the physical science like this way it is a mix word which consist of the subdivision of natural science and science that deals with non living system, in comparison to the life sciences. It is a combination of elementary principle of chemistry, the basic principle of earth science and the basic principle of physics. There are so many subdivisions of chemistry projects like Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Material Chemistry, and Electro Chemistry. Physics is also related to the atomic research and physicists are always handling carefully the miraculous molecules like neutron, proton, and electron for serving our nation by producing electricity in power sector and anti nuclear device in defense sector. Astronomy is also very essential phenomenon in physics, numerical calculation like permutation, combination, and calculus are equally relevant to bytes, megabytes, and gigabytes to IT sector.

Physical Science is also explained in such a way if we set an example related to photography. To perform a photography assignment at first you need a camera which is built with some mechanism to form an image on a cellular based film by the light through a pin hole with the help of a combination of some concave and convex lens and the shutter for the duration of entering light for a part of a second is called photography, which is totally based upon physics but the celluloid base film where the latent image is stored will be developed chemically and the exposed silver grain is visible gradually. This performing procedure is called chemistry and lastly you submit the photograph in a project to revive any diagram or information related to universe is called physical science.

Physics is also used in the building bridges and other constructional structures like sub-ways and tunnels. Astrophysics is another aspect which gives us the clear vision of the origin of complete solar system and related problem of cosmology. Physics is an ongoing process like Albert Einstein’s theory or relativity which plays a central role in all modern cosmological theories which gradually proceed to Hubble’s discovery that the universe was expanding and now the rival explanation arise like the BIG BANG. All these things are shown in modern video is called physics video. Physics video is very popular and easily understandable in every sphere of our society from a baby to a grown up people.



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