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Math Doesn’t Need to be Hard With A Local Tutor


I struggled with math big time. The ironic thing regarding it was that I was majoring in computer science at UNCW. As Almost certainly you realize, computer science degrees require you to take a ton of math. When I say I ton, I mean that as a college senior, I really only needed a couple more classes and I could get a minor in math. Well I didn’t obtain a minor in math but I had taken numerous other math classes that it would have been minimal extra classes. How could I possibly obtain a minor in math you may ask? I was successful in college math (and thus computer science) as a result of my local tutor.

Getting a local tutor was not easy by any shape of the imagination. I asked around campus and yes I possibly could have found a tutor for Math 101-102. That might have been easy. But how about my logic classes or my discrete structures classes? Finding a university tutor for those classes was not a breeze since only computer science majors typically take them. So I figured I’d ask some of my classmates for help in the math classes however they too were struggling and needed to concentrate on themselves and not teaching the information to me. Next I asked my professor for any recommendation for a tutor however , there was not much available. So I looked to finding a nearby tutor online.


I began my search at several of the online tutor search sites and on page 1 all of the available tutors for my area were listed. I could already tell that obtaining a tutor online was the ideal solution. So looking at the recommendations and reviews of countless of the, I was able to find someone happy to help me. And the good thing was, they worked for $25 because they were a broke university student just like me. Utilizing a nearby tutor in combination with my college classes allowed me to review all of the material that I learned for the week and also ask any questions I had. Granted I could do all that on my own, but having another person there to inquire about a question or perhaps see if what you are doing your homework correct was a huge help. Also studying for test and quizzes was a breeze because my local tutor already knew exactly what it was I needed to train up on for my test.


I couldn’t have completed college or gotten my degree without my So wherever they are, all I’d like to say is i appreciate you for helping me graduate college on time.


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