Few Tips For SAT Test Preparation

gmatSAT test will test your strengths and weaknesses. If you wish to prove your best you will have to be ready with your test prep. Hence, it is important that you go through several mock tests. But, if you want to be ready for any kind of test, you will have to be done with your studying. In order to prepare you will need a study plan. When you look out for the tips on organizing your study plan, you will find it very saturated as nobody has nothing new to share.

Here are some interesting tips shared to help you for the SAT prep:

Take up Reading:

You will have to read and keep yourself updated about all the unusual subject matters. It will prepare you for attempting the reading comprehension passages. Majority of the students are bogged down with the unseen passages in the SAT test. This is why you should increase reading as a part of your SAT prep. Begin reading with the passage and stop mid way. Try to interpret the author’s argument. Go to different sources of reading to discover unknown or unusual content to read.

Strengthen the Lexis:

No, you haven’t applied for the spelling bee but for the SAT and you need to build vocabulary as test prep. Don’t cram every word that is in the dictionary. In your reading routine, you might stumble upon new words. Jot them down and use them once in a day. There are two advantages of learning new words or phrases. There is a ‘sentence completion’ in the SAT test, where you can show your rich vocabulary. Most importantly it will help you breeze through the comprehension section. This simple habit can pull up your SAT score.

Writing Practice:

It is not easy to master the art of writing the essay in 25 minutes and proofreading it for edits. However, with practice, you can find it easy to deal with any topic as an essay. You would know how to structure your essay and put out your best even in the most stressful situation. Hence, you should be practicing to write more often. Every learning center trains their students by offering different practice topics. Go a step further and hunt for topics that you can practice on your own. You will have to be ready to go out of the way for your test prep so that you shine over others.

Math Rules:

Learning center will help you with math sections by giving you formula and theorems. Memorize each principle and formula. Practice them often as they will save your precious time during the actual test. You will not have to recollect them at the end moment and feel dubious. Practice math everyday and you can outdo others at the test. Also, it is best to use a calculator than doing mental math. It will save your time and offer accurate answers. This means you will have to practice with your calculator.

Learn about the structure of the SAT test. The test would begin with easy questions but it gets tougher with each level. Knowing the structure will give you the confidence in attempting the test.

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