Creative Memory Scrapbooking is a Wonderful New Art Form

scrapp(2)For centuries the art of scrapbooking has been kept alive because we all love mementos and souvenirs of our past. We all like taking photos of our friends and our families because very often we do not get to spend as much time as we would like with them. Creative memories scrapbooking is a wonderful way of keeping these special occasions alive. It is a way of capturing the treasured moments you spend together in a personal photographic journal that you can make as decorative as you like.

Very often all our photographs stay in boxes or drawers because we never seem to have the time to sort through them. Some of our favourite ones may get framed or put into albums which then just stay on a bookshelf gathering dust. But photos often depict milestones in our lives. These photos are often taken during important occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthday parties.

Scrapbooking has become one of the nicest hobbies for people to do when they are at home and creative memory scrapbooking means that all those old photos can now be retrieved from the boxes and drawers to be sorted and reminisced over in the nicest of possible ways.

It is a very therapeutic pass time which keeps memories alive for the whole family to enjoy and appreciate. This whole concept of scrapbooking is an inventive approach to making sure nothing is ever forgotten. Scrapbooks are far nicer than simple photo albums because you can make them into beautifully decorative books which have your own very personal touch to them. These books tell the world exactly who you are and how you express yourself. This is all achieved in the manner in which you create your personal scrapbook.

Your treasured moments are there for all to see on the pages you have personally made and creative memory scrapbooks suddenly have a life of their own, with memories of times long past suddenly jumping out of the pages at everyone who views them. The great part about it all is that you can add text to each of the pages, so that your story is not only visual but written as well. Each of the pages will lead to the next in a wonderful way if you plan it well.

To create a memory scrapbook is easy these days. Just by going on the Internet you will be able to find all the tools and materials you would ever need to start off doing this lovely and creative hobby. Just by looking around your own home, you will find simple mementos and decorations which you can use to embellish your scrapbook. This is how they use to create scrapbooks in times long past.

We are lucky to have so much at our disposal, but it is always nicer to mix what you find yourself with things you find either in a craft store or on the Internet. You can create a very personal scrapbook by doing just this instead of just using prepared ready to use items. But if you are stuck for decorations or need extra embellishments to add that little bit extra to your scrapbook, you will find a treasure trove of goodies by going on the Internet.

There are websites which specialise in scrapbooking and they offer some great ideas as well as supplying materials and kits which help get you started. Once you have created one scrapbook, you are well on your way to creating another because it is such a fun thing to do. Your children will love to be a part of the project and it will encourage them to use their imaginations and give you ideas on how to go about decorating your book.

A well kept scrapbook is an heirloom. It is a family legacy that generations to come will enjoy leafing through. It is something that you will enjoy creating, it will preserve your memories perfectly and it is a way of passing a little bit of yourself to those who come after you in one of the nicest art forms you can create.

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