Common Errors In Mastering Spanish

-How to prevent these


What brings yourself to this short article? You might be a soon to be Spanish tutor, or simply a smart person planning to try to find frequent errors in mastering Spanish before ever learning it, right? It looks like you’re the latter. So here it is Spanish is certainly a challenging language to master if you’re an English native speaker, and it’s also not that strange to make common mistakes in Spanish. Why? English and Spanish revolves in distinctive styles and methods to read and speak each language. That alone can determine the outcome of the way you read and speak the language. Let’s get going. 



An important take into account language learning either your Spanish or understanding how to speak such as a Native American, pronunciation is the vital thing to perfect any language. As most modern language derived from Latin, most words are just or almost alike. But! That doesnt mean they are pronounced similar. 


Spanish R as well as English R


Pronouncing the R in Spanish is way wrong if you’re studying English pronunciation. Spanish R is probably one of the common mistakes in Spanish learning. The Spanish R is pronounced properly by placing your tongue behind your front teeth to generate that vibrating R sound. It’s just the opposite with the English R, you’d like your tongue faraway from your teeth in order to avoid making that vibrating sound you are making while pronouncing, exactly different right? This is one of the common mistakes in learning Spanish, you need to practice vibrating your tongue behind your teeth it might help you a lot in pronunciation of the Spanish R. 


Placing an Adjective before a noun:


That is one of the common mistakes in Spanish learning can be a common and a stupid mistake made usually by new Spanish students, forget about the English rules of constructing a sentence, we are learning Spanish here! Common mistakes with this are listed below. 


In English we say hot water


In Spanish it’s exactly the opposite! You say agua caliente


For as if you translate hot water literally would get you in trouble and sound funny! Another one is, Wash in hot Water that’s in English, if you want to say that in Spanish you don’t say it Lavar con caliente agua. The correct way to say it is. Lavar con agua caliente. You see how English and Spanish go the other way around? Try not to mess this up and maybe you can go up the Beginner mode a little bit. 


Accurate utilization of Words:


One of the most senseless things to do when learning a new language would be to expect a similar meaning of that certain word for an English word. You don’t want to make your Spanish audience laugh at your speech all day would you? Try buying a Spanish dictionary so to educate you in these commonly mistaken Spanish words. But to make it less tedious for you, here’s a list of commonly mistaken used words. This could be one of several common mistakes in Spanish learning. Due to this words are used mistakenly by Spanish students around the world. 


Major –  Most commonly mistaken for the English word Major which is exactly absurd. This word means better in Spanish.


Alegre – You might think this is the Spanish word for Alligator! You my friend is wrong. This word means cheerful.


Cerrar – Commonly mistaken word for Carrier, yes this would end your carrier if you used it in your speech. The word means close in Spanish. 


Nubes – Oh! Maybe you think now this is where the slang Noobies came from right? Wrong! This word means clouds in Spanish.


Universidad – Pretty much obvious for other people, you would think this word means Universe right? It means college mdear reader. 


Tallar – Sounds like teller or tailor right? Wrong! This word means, carve in Spanish.


Not a long list of commonly mistaken Spanish words, but this could help you a bit.




Last but not the least, the most important think in learning a fresh language. This can be well obvious at this time for you guys learning to speak a new language. Practice is the paramount in learning a new language either it could be Spanish or English or even something like Latin. Practice makes perfect as they all say it. Yes indeed. Just try to remember that the pronunciation for the Spanish R is very different from the English R way more different. One thing too, the proper use of words. It needs practicing on that too, as you might use your Spanish one day and speak to a Spanish crowd, once again you don’t want to be laughed at do you? And of course! The best way to practice Spanish is to find a Spanish friend of yours, much better if he or she is a native Spanish speaker for you guys can have lots and lots of fun times learning Spanish together. Speaking in front of your mirror might help, but it would be pointless if you were speaking to yourself right? You wouldn’t know if you’re speaking correctly or pronouncing it correctly right? This is the most essential thing of all. PRACTICE!


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