5 Simple Steps On Improving Your Writing Skills.

Improving Your Writing Skills.Whether you’re someone who loves writing posts on social media to gain support for your ideas and points of view or just someone who wants to make a career out of freelancing online, like so many people today, one thing is clear. It is so imperative for you to have good writing skills these days. Many times people won’t judge you based on the content of your ideas but rather on the delivery. It’s not an ideal way to judge someone’s writing but it’s natural for people to be swayed by someone’s literary superiority over others. I have often seen well intentioned and smart people lose intense arguments on the internet because they lack the writing skills necessary to fully convey their arguments in the way that they intended.

So whether it’s to win over the comment section with your charismatically written arguments or to really make a living out of being a freelancer or just writing reviews and blogs because it’s your hobby, here are 5 steps on how to improve your writing skills.

Write Daily

Writing, as like many other activities, gets better with practice more than anything. So the simplest and easiest thing to remember about improving your writing skills is to write every single day. Write about literally anything when you’re practicing. Whatever lets you think creatively and lets your thoughts flow. If you want to improve your skills to be a blogger (or any job related) try to write about different topics every day to really improve how you can use the English language to address varied issues.

Make an outline

This is a technique that everyone gets taught in school as a kid. It’s basically to form a structure in your mind, and on paper, about how you can go about writing whatever it is you intend on by making the process clearer and easier to follow. It’s recommended to brainstorm for a while, write your ideas in an outline, and then divide your content into sub headings and categorise the information according to that. This is especially helpful for freelancers when they get given an assignment because most of the times, the client wants a very specific result with clear and well defined sub topics in the task that they have given you.

Read up on your topic

This should really be a no brainer. When you’re attempting to start writing on any topic (especially in the context of a blogger or freelancer) the first thing you should do is obviously observe how other people, who are professionals, have written about it. This in no sense means that you abandon your creativity and just become a monotonous copy of whatever articles you find online. By all means do bring your own creativity in the process. However it’s best that you read as much as you can so you have knowledge about how writers use different approaches for every topic. It’s important to know what’s appropriate for the reader given the context of what they’re reading about. You wouldn’t write a pitch for a summer resort using the same literary themes and lingo as you wold use writing a eulogy would you?

Write using simple words

This pointer is especially helpful if you’re writing on social media or you need to convey some idea to someone. Your writing will be most convincing when you write the way you talk. That is also when you’ll be able to think the most clearly and your words will truly reflect your thoughts and thus will engage people. It’s a common mistake to focus more on big words than it is to focus on the delivery of your ideas. Big words is something that people use to look smarter than they really are. It’s pretentious and doesn’t usually impress or impact people the way you think it will. In fact if anything this will make people bored as they read your work. Writing how you talk will also improve your flow.

Give a clear message.

This guideline is important to follow if you’ll be writing for a client. When you write, you might get confused and lost in your own words as you would with your thoughts when you’re thinking. It’s very natural but when you have set out to write about a specific topic, it’s good to remember that the reader needs to get the message you’re trying to deliver. So if need be, go over what you’ve written and edit it in a way that your writing isn’t just muddled up thoughts but instead has a clear purpose.

About Author: Jack Braughn is qualified as the marketing director of a multinational corporation which owns the majority of the market share in their industry. Jack is a dedicated full-time assignment writer at professional assignment writing and he loves sharing all of his up-to-date marketing trends as he has a marketing degree from the University of Manchester.

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