Why Not Train As A Registered Medical Assistant?

Jobs as a registered medical assistant are expected to become one of the highest growing occupations over the next ten to fifteen years. As the population ages, the demand for this profession will increase exponentially. Medical assistants who hold licenses and certifications will be in highest demand.

Those who are interested in medical assistant training should graduate from high school with a diploma. Programs in the medical assisting field are offered through computer training schools, vocational schools, and community colleges. Course work studied should include anatomy and physiology, business education, medical terminology, transcription, and insurance processing.

Students in a medical assistant training program, whether at a traditional brick and mortar institution or enrolled in a computer training school, are taught to perform various clinical and administrative tasks for work in a doctors office, clinic, or hospital.

Job tasks vary based on the size of the practice. In smaller private practices, medical assistants may be required to handle both office duties and clinical duties, They generally work under the direct supervision of a physician or physicians assistant, or under the supervision of an office manager. Those who obtain employment in a large hospital or clinic may find that their duties are more specialized.

Persons interested in a career as a registered medical assistant should be able to get along well with others and be able to follow explicit directions and orders. As they will be working as part of a medical team, they must be able to communicate effectively. Registered medical assistants can expect to work regular 40 hour weeks and to receive benefits. As with any career in the medical field, registered medical assistants may find themselves working nights, weekends, or overtime hours.

Registered medical assistants who obtain and keep licensure from the American Association of Medical Assistants ,or the AAMA, may expect to earn higher salaries than those who complete their training from mere on the job experience. Medical assistants who are registered with the American Registry of Medical Assistants, or ARMA, are also held in high esteem.

It is recommended that those students who plan a career as a registered medical assistant complete their training program through an ARMA approved program. By being registered and certified, medical assistants are able to distinguish themselves among those holding entry-level positions.

Employment for registered medical assistants can be found in medical and surgical hospitals, as teachers in colleges or technical schools, and in offices of private healthcare physicians. As well, jobs can be found in offices of other health care professionals such as ophthalmologists or podiatrists.

Salaries are dependent on geography, but usually range from $24,000 to $34,000 with the lower range being those who are employed in smaller offices in smaller towns. Higher salaries are generally paid to those who are licensed and registered and who are employed by larger hospitals in bigger cities. Job security is rated as being strong. This is certainly a field that a person should consider as a career.

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