Two minute healthy snacks for your kids

Mixed_nutsWhen it comes to the health of your children, it is quite a nightmare to find anything in the supermarket which they will like that is not laden with sugar or saturated fats. These day just a stroll down the supposed health section of the supermarket will get you in trouble if you are not careful. Most parents think that just because there is a label on the muesli bar such as health snack, then it is actually good for you. However, upon closer inspection you find that it has a high amount of sugar and it really should be avoided.

So the next time you are looking for an alternative, give these options a try. Instead of peanut butter, look for alternatives such as almond spread. These taste just as good as peanut butter but it has much less saturated fat, and also much less sugar. They can still spread it on their bread for breakfast, or even better, put it on some corn thins, which have even less carbohydrates than white bread. Look for brown or multigrain bread as an alternative, to give them longer lasting energy.

It is worth keeping all the sugary snacks out of their lunch box. Snacks such as jellies, or sweet fruit snacks can initially give them a quick hit of energy, then just as quick, take away the energy again. Look for alternatives that give them a sustained source of energy such as bananas, and also give them plenty of fiber to help with their systems.

Remember that when you are going shopping, always take a quick moment and actually look at the label on the back, to check for saturated fats and sugars. These two measurements are probably the most important indicators to look for and help your children. Added ingredients such as omega oil are useful for their development as well. A can of kids tuna in light spring water can be a great benefit for their health. Just watch for their sodium levels, especially anything in brine. It may be a better option to get them tuna in spring water, since it is less in sodium.

If your kids hate eating vegetables, then try getting it to them in another form. There are many vegetable drinks which are sold now which still taste great. Just watch that they do not contain too much sugar or other additives to make them taste better. Teach them how to eat vegetables by getting them into tomato soups or sandwiches, which they will enjoy. Do not just put a carrot in front of them since they will most likely throw it away. Serve their vegetables with other foods, such as a good serving of dairy cheeses or with other lean meats. Chances are that they will enjoy the vegetables more if they are combined with other dishes.

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