Techniques for Better Learning

Before you start cramming for the next mid term take a few minutes and think about how you are going about learning the criteria. Many think that learning is learning, which it is, but there are a couple things you can do to help your self absorb the knowledge better. One simple thing to do is to be in a calm relaxing place for you to study in. Cluttered rooms contribute unorganized thinking. Take time to organize an area in which you are comfortable in. Relaxing is a major key in being able to process the information in a beneficial manner. Do whatever you need to do in order for you to be comfortable. Light a few candles, stretch, or take a few deep breathes. Also you should plan some time out so you will not be bothered.

Another thing that will help out a lot is meditating before a study session. Meditation is used widely in many different contexts. It has been used all throughout history in religious and non religious traditions including in trying to reach a high level of consciousness or enlightenment. Meditation is a process of focusing the mind on a single object and to not allow for any distraction. It is also described as a state of consciousness when there are no scattered thoughts or diverse patterns. In terms of using it to learn it is a very useful tool. Think about it like this, your brain is like a muscle and needs to stretched and warmed up to properly function to it fullest potential. Meditating allows you to calm the brain and clear it of thoughts. This makes it possible to think about something with much more efficiency and clarity. The brain will then be able to process and ingest the information and it’s as simple as just sitting down closing your eyes and clearing your mind of thoughts.

Every think to yourself, “Wow I really am good at this.” Well you should more often if you don’t. Just by believing in yourself increases you’re potential to learn more efficiently. Positive thought is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to help you learn. Also having a good attitude about wanting to learn is needed. If you do not want to learn then you are going to have a hard time doing anything. The positive thoughts and attitudes will not only help you with increasing your learning potential but it will also set you up for a good life.

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