Painted Recycled Glass Gifts

jars-1166Nowadays everyone is concerned about recycling to save the planet. The 20th century “throw away” society, where everyone threw out their unwanted items with no thought as to what would happen to them is gone. The media clearly shows us what happens to our rubbish, it goes to land fills. Holes in the ground filled with hundreds of tons of rubbish. Our rubbish takes thousands of years to corrode and rot. During this time, the rotting rubbish gives off poisonous gases that are admitted into the atmosphere. This is why our society is changing. The more rubbish we recycle, the greener and more healthier our planet will be. However, recycling doesn’t always mean to throw out rubbish in recycling bin, it also means to reuse.

This painted glass gift idea is a recycled gift in that you reuse and revamp an old unwanted item into something new and desirable.

All you will need is…
some spray on paint or some glass frosting, some clear sticky textbook covering and some old glass objects. You may have some old wineglasses or tumbler glasses, an old glass vase, a bottle, anything made of glass that nobody wants. If you don’t have anything-suitable visit your local charity shop or car boot sale. Buying second hand glassware is still recycling.

Wash and dry the glass before you begin.

Cut out shapes from the book covering. You could cut out swirls, stars or hearts. Make sure that the shapes fit onto the glass. Bold shapes and patterns stand out more than small fiddly designs.

Peel off the paper from the shapes and stick the book covering to the glass surface. The sticky shapes act as a mask. Whatever they cover will remain the original glass colour.

When you’re happy with your design, spray paint the item. Make sure that you use the spray paint in accordance with the directions on the paint tin. When spraying glasses, be careful not to spray paint the inside of the glass as this will spoil the design.

Leave the item for an hour or so to dry, then carefully pick off the plastic masking, to reveal the design. Leave the glass for 24 hours too completely dry.

Wineglasses make an attractive t-light candleholder. Bottles accommodate tall candles. Tumbler glasses make nice vases for dried flowers and small jam jars and old spice. Jars make lovely containers for Radox bath crystals.

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