How to Make a Mask with Fabric?

How to Make MaskMaking a DIY face mask has become the top stay-home activity during the novel coronavirus outbreak. It’s for your own personal use. Homemade face masks should be used in combination with appropriate social distancing on walks and in stores. Its recommendations to suggest that wear cloth face masks when they must leave home.

The best fabric for homemade masks is a tightly woven 100% cotton fabric. Tightly woven cotton fabric is a fabric that when held up to the light, seems solid, no loose weaves or holes should be visible. Cotton fabric is the best filtration and breathability. Things like cotton sheets, cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts, bandanas are good options if you use entirely out of cotton.

Make sure to prewash fabrics using hot water to kill germs and to pre-shrink the material so it doesn’t
change shape after wash it.

You can use the traditional needle and thread method, or try an easy, no-sew mask and try a sewing machine if you have. If you want to keep it simple, tie something like a scarf around your face.

How to make a mask with fabric without sewing:

  1. Use a square scarf or a cut a large square of tightly woven cotton fabric.
  2. Fold two sides of the square in to meet each other in the middle then fold this in half lengthwise.
    You should be left with a long rectangle with the edges sandwiched inside.
  3. Use two hair ties or rubber bands and pull one around each end of the long rectangle.
  4. Fold each outside third of fabric into the center.
  5. Pull the mask on by fitting the hair elastic around ears and making sure the end tails of fabric are against your face so the mask stays put.

How to make a fabric face mask with using needle and thread:

  1. Cut two equal size pieces of cotton fabric (measure your face to see how wide, long you need).Make a mask with fabric
  2. Take the two layers of your cotton fabric or substitute.
  3. Place the elastic or ties in between the layers and sew them into the corner. For elastics, sew one at each end so it creates a loop on each side. For ties, use one piece at each corner so there are four total.
  4. Make three staggered pleats lengthwise on the mask, as if folding a paper fan. Then sew all the way around. This will make a rectangular mask.

How do I clean my fabric masks?

You can wash your mask daily in a hot water. You can “sun” your mask in the sunshine for a few hours.  Sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

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