How Is Distance Learning Different from Online Education?

Distance learning institutes are serving a very important cause by enabling the less privileged sectors of the society to pursue higher education of their choice. The Distance learning program has come a long way as a medium of providing education to the professionals as well as the others who could not get chances to avail regular education. For this reason, a skeptical opinion about the prospects of distance learning courses has taken a bright turn.

Distance learning is the modern term used for conventional correspondence courses. An off-campus educational program is just like a traditional one except the student will not have to spend as much, if any, time away from their homes to attend classes. This is a great for option for the working people who can not think of quitting their jobs in lieu of studying further.

Although some people tend to associate distance learning with online education, a thin line of distinction exists between the two. While all the online degree programs belong to the family of the distance learning program, it is improper to term the distance-learning courses as the online ones. This is because the technology used in both the modes may be different in some cases. An online mode of education can be termed as a system which allows you to complete your bachelor degree or even master degree with the regular updates from the university you have enrolled yourself into. In case of a distance learning program you don’t have any option to interact with you mentors or and clear you doubts or queries.

In India, benefits of the distance learning program are more than the online education system. India is a developing country, so it not possible for the majority of the citizens to surf internet to complete their higher studies. Distance Learning Courses in India is increasingly becoming popular. The easy access to any of the distance learning courses enables a person to pursue education from any state or university according to his or her preference. As the fees of these courses are lesser than that of the regular courses, distance-learning courses in India have also become popular in the rural areas. There are, at present eleven open universities in India that provide distance education for those who are interested in taking up any of the educational courses in accordance with their wishes.

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