Dual Degree Program of IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar is offering the Dual Degree programs. Know in detail about the dual degree programs of the elite institution and the benefits of opting for dual degree program.

IIT Gandhinagar is one of the newly founded IIT by the Government of India. The Institute was running its classes on the campus of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College before finally shifting to its new campus in 2015. With time, the college has brought up many changes and opportunities for the students in their curriculum. Last year, IIT Gandhinagar started the dual degree program in Engineering that will benefit the students in their career path.

What is a Dual Degree Program?

A dual degree program is a type of double graduation program in which a student can simultaneously work on two different degrees. The two courses run parallel to each other and the student can complete the degrees without investing much time into it. The subjects of the dual degrees are combined in the curriculum and the student is subjected to the examination of both the degree subjects. There are different types of dual degree programs. It can be dual degree majors graduate program, dual degree masters program or dual degree MBA program.

Dual Degree program of IIT Gandhinagar:

The dual degree program of the institution is of two types. First is the Dual Degree graduate program in engineering. In this program, the student can choose an additional major engineering discipline of his choice along with the primary one. The majors can be selected from the engineering disciplines like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The student who is opting for the dual degree program has to spend an extra year of graduation to earn the degree. The second Dual Degree program is B.Tech plus M.Tech dual degree program. In this program, the student can complete the B.Tech as well as M.Tech in five years combined.

Eligibility for Dual Degree Programs:

The eligibility to opt for the dual degree programs are-

1) The students can apply for the second major only after the completion of the third semester.

2) The students will be permitted to opt for the dual degree program on the basis of their merit.

3) It is compulsory for the students to complete all the compulsory courses of the second major by the end of the program. And at the end of the program, the college will provide the student with dual degrees.

Advantages of Dual Degree Program:

There are various advantages of dual degree programs. The students who opt for the dual degree program will have a plethora of job opportunities available to them as they will be eligible to sit in the companies coming for both the disciplines. Through the dual degree programs, the student can expand their knowledge base that will help them in the future course of career path. B.Tech plus M.Tech dual degree program expands the opportunities to grow faster while doing the job.

IIT Gandhinagar has provided a list of the combinations that a student can opt for the dual degree program. The student can check the list and can opt it as per the interest. Apart from the technical combination programs, the institute has also started courses that are related to social work and humanities. The engineers can now learn non-technical aspects too along with the technical framework.


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