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geometric copyMany students find themselves stressing out about the higher-level math subjects, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus. But as they’re scratching their heads at the abstract formulas they’re facing in high school, there are some elementary students doing the same thing.

Often times, we forget that because elementary math has been simple for us for many years that young students struggle with it. When we see them struggling, we often feel comfortable diving in and trying to help. However, just because you know the subject doesn’t mean you’re good at reinforcing it. Sometimes, this is the role of a tutor. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons …

Elementary Math is the Foundation

One major reason that it’s a good idea to seek the assistance of a qualified tutor, either in the traditional face-to-face sense, in a tutoring center, or via reputable online resources, is because of the importance inherent in creating a strong foundation in math. We all know how important math is to our everyday lives. Not to mention that it builds on itself at a rapid pace requiring the student keep up in order to have any success in the future. Think about it, how much success can your child have in middle school pre-algebra if he is not comfortable with basic fractions? The stronger your child’s foundation is in the earlier years, the greater probability there will be of success in the future.

You’re Not a Certified Tutor … Are You?

As mentioned previously, just because you understand certain aspects of elementary math doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to teach it. You may feel comfortable solving simple math problems, but when it comes to explaining the process to someone else – especially a child – it may be more difficult than you think. If you’ve been helping your child with math homework, but scores are not improving, then you may want to consider an elementary math tutor who is not only skilled in teaching the subject, but also working with young children.

You May Not Remember Everything

While you may feel comfortable teaching some aspects of math on your own, as your child reaches higher levels of elementary math, you may not remember everything that you need to remember to be a good homework helper. For instance, you may be good at the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But what about ratio and proportion, measurement and graphing, or area, perimeter and circumference?

Do you remember how to use a protractor? How about a graphing calculator? Trying to remember the foundation of elementary math, along with any technological provisions that may not have been around in your day could make for a difficult homework session if you’re not prepared. When considering outside assistance, keep in mind that your tutor will already be up to speed in these areas.

Understand elementary math is a vital to your child’s success in future math subjects and should not be taken for granted. So if you see your child is struggling in this subject, it’s good to bring a tutor in to strengthen that foundation as soon as possible.

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