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A teacher exerts far-reaching influence on the society by influencing the students under his / her mentoring and guidance. A teacher can motivate or demoralize a student; it depends on how the teacher conducts himself in class, the attitude he / she bears towards students, the scruples and principles that he upholds and propagates through his / her daily activities in class and outside. The teachers get young impressionable minds which they can influence easily and this is a major responsibility not to be taken lightly. To truly appreciate the duties and obligations of a teacher one must be adequately trained for the job.

Only trained teachers can ensure the proper development of the children entrusted to them. A teacher becomes an expert in the job only after years of training and experience. A teacher has to face many challenges and perform many tasks in classroom and at school. A good teacher training course at a recognized and affiliated institute ensures that the teacher aspirant is up to the task post certification.

Since the needs of the primary students are different from the secondary students, the primary teachers and secondary teachers are required to take up different teacher’s training courses.

Qualifications for Teacher Training Courses

Pre Primary and Primary school teachers have to pass 12th standard with at least 50% marks aggregate. In addition to the academic records, the personal aptitude and skills are also important.

To join Secondary and Senior Secondary Teacher Training course, the candidates must have a post graduate degree in the subject they wish to teach in.

Primary Teacher’s training or Online teacher resourcesis even more important as elementary education plays a very important role in a person’s life. As they need to take care of the emotional needs along with developing the cognitive skills of the students primary Teacher’s training is regarded as essential. Because of theses reasons Primary Teacher’s training (PTT) is made compulsory in various states for appointment as primary teachers.

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