Paying For School With Scholarships

A full tuition college scholarship is the dream of most high school seniors or recent graduates. A full ride gives the student the ability to pursue a college degree without worry or concern about how to pay for it. They are hard to find and typically have stringent requirements, but if you are lucky enough to qualify, pursue a full ride very hard.

A full ride scholarship is typically offered by the school, or at least controlled by the school. They cover full tuition and fees, but may not cover room and board. Most have some academic requirement, so the applicant will need to maintain a good GPA in order to keep the scholarship.

Full ride scholarships are only available to those who maintained good grades in high school, and some have an income requirement as well. If an applicant qualifies based on those two criteria, he will have to fill out an application. The most stressful part of the application for many students is the scholarship essay. When there are limited number of scholarships and numerous applicants, it is the essay that often determines which applicants are awarded scholarship interviews, and which are not.

The essay is the place to really shine if you want to have a chance at the scholarship. To do this, use all of the rules you learned in school about writing. If you were not taught good writing skills, take the time to learn some. Take a writing course at a local community center, or read tips online for writing a good essay.

A good scholarship essay always starts with a topic sentence. The topic sentence draws the reader into the information, explains your position on the topic, and shows the point you are going to prove in the essay.

Before you begin writing, outline your points. Then, make sure the essay stays with the outline. You want to prove your point well, but you want to do so in a logical manner. The, conclude the essay with a good summary of your points and a restating of your position on the topic.

If you are granted an interview, dress well. You only have one chance to make an impression on those who might be paying for your college education. Answer the questions well, and be prepared for them to ask personal, thought-provoking questions, such as questions about your best character quality and how you would contribute to the school if you received the award. By being as prepared as possible, you make it more likely that you will receive the scholarship you are seeking.
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